Checking Backlinks With Yahoo

Yahoo LogoOne important aspect of search engine optimization revolves around incoming links, also known as backlinks. (See the third point of the SEO Triangle video).
Measuring the quantity and quality of links from other relevant domains that point to a given website is an important signal that search engines use to determine which are the most important web pages to serve up higher in the search engine rankings.
“Quantity” of incoming links to your site is easy to understand: it’s just the total number of such links. The “quality” of such backlinks is partially determined by PageRank.
For the purposes of this article, let’s determine how to find the quantity of incoming links to your site (or any site).
1) Go to
2) Enter “Site:AnyDomain”
3) Click “Inlinks”
4) Set drop down menu items to: Show inlinks “Except from this domain” to “Entire Site.”
This will display the number of incoming links that Yahoo currently sees, whether it’s your domain, your competitor’s domain or any domain you enter for analysis.

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