Expert Camerman, Greg Collier: The Epitome of Laid-Back Industriousness

Greg CollierGreg Collier is an expert cameraman and camera technician who has worked on approximately 100 TV commercials for clients that run the gamut from Coca-Cola to Subaru. Additionally, he has worked on approximately 50 music videos, including for Marilyn Manson and Jewell. His aerial camera services have been utilized for feature films such as Terminator, Blackhawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Day After Tomorrow, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Conspiracy Theory, Man on Fire, Bad Boys 2, Malibu’s Most Wanted, Salton Sea, X-Files, In God’s Hands, Romeo Must Die, Artificial Intelligence, Training Day, Bandits, The Animal, Dawg, Air America, Born Free, Destination Paradise and more.
Greg is particularly adept at crafting special rigs and hardware to secure cameras in unusual locations (in the air, sea or land) as well as utilizing jibs, cranes and steadicams for smooth, professional camera movements.  His workshop boasts not only special hardware that he has designed and built for all manner of specialized camera applications, he has personally designed portable work kiosks with built-in solar panels to supply energy anywhere there is sunshine.
Another important aspect of his service to the field of creating TV commercials, documentaries and films is his personal arsenal of extensive lighting and grip equipment.
Known for his industrious but laid-back style, his greatest asset is simply solving any and all problems related to getting the shot, regardless of the demands.

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