Big Day For Twitter

twitter_logoToday is a big day for Twitter, as reported on CNN.
Actor, Ashton Kutcher, was the first person to attract 1 million followers on Twitter. He achieved that earlier today at 2:13 am. CNN’s breaking-news feed passed 1 million shortly thereafter at 2:42 am this morning.
The highly publicized “race” against CNN to be the first to surpass 1 million followers was initiated by Kutcher, who had fewer followers than CNN at the time he made the announcement last week.
Oprah broadcast her first tweet today on her show, adding more media fuel to the very hyped service.
The biggest winner in all this is Twitter. The massive publicity the service has received could not be purchased for any price.
From my perspective, the best thing to come of all this was the funding and attention directed to Kutcher’s favored non-profit, to help prevent malaria in tropical countries.

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