Basic Tips on Maintaining Facebook Business Pages

facebook-logoAs if you don’t have enough to do! Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and how many other social media platforms are you maintaining?
Let’s also factor in the obvious – you have a business to run, too!
Facebook is currently the biggest social network and warrants attention.
If you are a business owner, or a marketer helping other businesses, you should be taking advantage of Facebook’s free “Pages,” which are different than user “Profiles.”
On Facebook, “Profiles” are where individuals post their personal information for friends, family and associates. Profiles are “private,” in the sense that each individual controls who can see their profile information.
“Pages” are meant for businesses and are completely public on the Internet, in the same way that any other website is.
Stated another way, Pages are similar to business websites and Profiles are like your home and the only visitors are those that you allow. published “8 Tips for Effectively Updating Your Facebook Page,” which covers some fundamentals of Facebook Page creation and maintenance:

1. Know how to use the Publisher.
2. Don’t lead with a URL.
3. Balance between stories that drive fans back to your site vs. build community on Facebook.
4. Use your Wall to cross-promote other Facebook campaigns (e.g., applications, virtual gifts).
5. Reward your fans by letting them in on special promotions.
6. Know who your fans are and make an effort to engage in conversation with all of them.
7. If you import content to your Facebook Wall, make sure to do so in a seamless fashion.
8. Don’t just watch: actively participate in Wall activity.

Click the following link to review the details: 8 Tips for Effectively Updating Your Facebook Page.

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