3 Phases of Lead Generation

Which of the three phases of lead generation represents your business? Although these phases are relative between any company and its respective industry, this article is intended to provide a simplified categorization of lead gen potential.

  • Starting out with Phase One, it could be stated that most struggling businesses are in this category.
  • A business
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Scientific Advertising

It’s likely you’ve learned some things about marketing. Maybe you’ve checked out some internet articles, watched some videos and/or even read some marketing books.

But how many ‘old’ marketing books have you read?

I’ve gobbled up a bunch of books over the years and continue to do so as much as possible. And although I … Read the rest

The Four Fundamentals of Database Marketing

The subject of databases and database marketing usually does not inspire the imagination of most people, at least not in the same way as, say, finding long-lost buried treasure.

However, as an apt comparison, effective use of databases is analogous to finding buried treasure – it’s just hidden within your own business.

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The Old Way of Marketing

Marketing used to be about shouting at people loud enough and often enough so they’ll be influenced by what you have to sell. (And there’s no shortage of this type of advertising nowadays).

Although the delivery of the “Big Brand” message became more subtle through the latter part of the 20th century, the concept of … Read the rest


15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Social media and website product video. Features slow motion of product for viewer inspection vs fast speed and fast music for product use. Accent elements added to highlight product performance.… Read the rest

Direct Response Copywriting Formula

Direct Response Marketing is designed to generate an immediate response from consumers. This includes measuring each consumer response or purchase and attributing it to specific advertisements. This is different than ads that drive consumers to retail locations. Instead, consumers buy the product or service directly from the seller and usually via the ad (“call now,” … Read the rest

Pay-for-Performance Marketing & Advertising

Is there anything better for your business than Pay-for-Performance leads and sales?

Pay-for-Performance means you’re getting the highest return on your marketing and advertising dollars.

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