Applying Keyword Research for More Website Traffic

In an ideal world, the very creation of your website would be founded upon keyword research, which indicates the types of information your visitors are most interested in.
However, the reality is that for many businesses, their website was developed without considering keyword research in any great length.
If you are interested in search engine optimization and developing more traffic naturally, then doing keyword research now is always better than doing it later. (Even though it’s a good idea to do it later, as well, to take advantage of any new trends that may surface).
Depending upon how large your site is, optimizing it for the best keywords to help search engines drive more quality traffic to your site could be more work, or, it could be a LOT more work.
Your website content should be organized in a keyword relevant hierarchy so that search engines can understand how the site is organized, and how the information is related to each other, typically going down from more general keywords to more specific keywords. The general keyword levels will help orient the search engines to the more specific keyword pages.
As an over-simplified example, if you had a website about motorcycles, you could set up this type of hierarchy with the home page being right at the top, and categories of motorcycles comprising the next lower level and then brands of motorcycles pertinent to the categories following next.  What is not illustrated is that one could then go down to specific models of motorcycles as well:
Keyword Hierarchy
To draw a further distinction here, if you were to use category names such as “My Favorites,” or “The Best,” or “New” or any non-specific keywords, you are not helping the search engines. Those kinds of non-keyword descriptions won’t help the search engines because “My Favorites” or “The Best” or “New” could be relevant to anything, not just “Motorcycles.” Those non-keyword categories could be just as relevant to “19th Century European Artists” or “Cookie Recipes” or “Movies.”

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