What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website measurement service offered by Google.
By installing small pieces of Google Analytics’ programming code on your own website(s), the service will maintain an ongoing database and stream of information about what visitors are doing when they arrive, travel around, and leave your website.
Google Analytics reports are designed for marketers as opposed to webmasters. In other words, the service is easy to use and the information is more pertinent to the fundamentals of marketing than the factors involved with creating and maintaining a website.
Using Google Analytics with Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program (AdWords), is vital to improving the performance of these online advertising campaigns. By using Google Analytics to track landing page performance, marketing goals, as well as the marketing objectives of generating more leads, sales, file downloads, or simply visitors to certain pages, a marketer can continuously refine campaigns based upon statistics.
As a more specific example, Google Analytics can help a marketer determine which ads are performing better, which are not, and provide important insight into ongoing refinements that are necessary to gain more visitors, sales, etc., for less money.
I’ve been using this service since the 90’s, when it was established by Urchin Software Corporation (original developer), which was then purchased by Google in April 2005. Later that year the name was changed to Google Analytics.
It’s a very useful service! Click here to visit Google Analytics and to take a video tour.

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