The Two Primary Sources of Internet Traffic

internet traffic,internet marketingAlthough there are certainly many ways to bring traffic to your website, they can be boiled down into two general categories:
♦ Buying Traffic
♦ Creating, building or growing traffic naturally
Buying traffic has the great advantage of immediacy and control. You can buy traffic today via pay-per-click advertising and control the traffic by determining not only when and where it will display on the Internet, but this type of traffic is readily refined by ongoing testing (some of which is built into the advertising process). Of course buying traffic costs money and it is not at all difficult to spend more than you make, setting up a losing proposition. Furthermore, when you stop buying traffic, it’s gone. Regardless, the benefits of intelligently purchasing and refining traffic mark the foundation upon which entire business models are built.
Creating, building or growing traffic naturally is slower, but has the great advantage of sustaining itself over time. In other words, once you have generated streams of traffic arriving to your website, it continues to keep on arriving. Although the most obvious advantage about this kind of traffic is that you don’t have to pay for it, describing it as free traffic is not entirely accurate since there is work involved. In fact, the more work you are willing to do, the more traffic you can generate. There is so much work that can be done, that you might elect to hire others to do it for you – in which case it’s definitely not free. Certainly when you do it yourself, there’s the cost of your own time to consider, as well. As may seem apparent, creating and building natural traffic establishes a real asset for your website and business.

Creating, Building or Growing Traffic Naturally

Search Engine Optimization is a key factor in regards to helping the search engines deliver your content to visitors who are looking for such content.
“Content,” which includes all the information, articles, photos, videos, etc., that you publish on the Internet are what search engines direct searchers to. So, the more content you have published, the more opportunities there are for visitors to find your website.
Blogs are a fundamental factor in growing traffic naturally. A strategically utilized blog presents a stream of fresh, relevant content, targeted to a particularly subject or niche, and can feature specific and pertinent keywords as a traffic attracting engine.
Article marketing, or more specifically, publishing articles on the topic of your target market – on other websites that syndicate such articles – are a long-time, and still workable strategy. Of course, including links in the articles that point back to your website are a central elements to this strategy.
Using videos, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and photo sharing sites, such as Flickr, as well as any of the gazillion other social media channels are all ways to engage with others and flow traffic to your website.
In an ideal world, you would be driving traffic to your website with Paid and non-paid strategies.
The question then becomes, how many of these opportunities are you taking advantage of?
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