The Basics of Email Marketing

email,email marketingNot every single business needs an online newsletter. But the majority will  benefit from one.
Having a way to update customers and potential customers is a relatively simple and low-cost way to maintain and build a relationship with a percentage of visitors who would have otherwise stopped by and then left your website, likely to never return.
The majority of visitors to your website have arrived to find something, usually via a search engine.  If they don’t see what they want right away, they’ll leave within seconds.
However, even if they do see something of interest, they are not likely to stay very long.
Unless your visitors see a perfect match for what they are searching for, they are going to be on their way.
However, some percentage of those visitors are potential customers at a later time, even if they did not become so immediately.

How Many Visitors Are You Capturing Every Day?

Without capturing identities and then automatically emailing them ongoing information (traditionally in the form of some type of electronic newsletter), potential future sales are being left on the table every day.
Not having a way to maintain communications with interested visitors is just wasting a potential asset that your website and business could have.
If anything, email marketing is so common place, and has been around for so long (relative to other Internet communication media), that it is easily given short shrift. Which can be too bad for a company that has not reviewed and updated their email program for many years, or for a company that has never event started one.
Establishing and maintaining some form of an email marketing program is so rudimentary, that it’s point #4 of the Outline For an Online Business.

Email Marketing Resources

Here are some resources regarding the basics of email marketing:

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The 7 Orbits of Internet Marketing

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