4 Keys to Leveraging Press Releases

Press Releases may be viewed as holdovers from traditional media and are still relevant in the digital age. But what can be done to leverage them more effectively with modern business messaging initiatives? In short, basic Internet marketing stuff. The same key basics that are used to leverage technology to distribute your message farther than ever, with lower costs than in the past. 1) Keywords Search Engine Optimization should be… Read More »4 Keys to Leveraging Press Releases

Marketing to Generation Y and Generation X

Marketing is the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers and clients. (Definition of Marketing). Traditional marketing has broadly relied upon these channels: • Word-of-mouth • Fliers, brochures and other printed support materials • Print ads in newspapers, magazines and trade publications • Radio and Television commercials • Billboards • And much more However, undercutting all the traditional marketing channels that might… Read More »Marketing to Generation Y and Generation X

Book Review: YouTube for Business

Book: YouTube For BusinessBook: YouTube For BusinessThe most overarching statement I can make about YouTube for Business, Online Video Marketing For Any Business (Copyright 2009, by Michael Miller), is that it is a simple book. And I mean that in a positive way.
Although, personally, I cannot say I derived much new knowledge from the book – since I’ve been creating videos for a few years now – I can say that it is a good overview of the subject. I recommend it to anyone who is getting started as a video producer for the Web.
In fact, since the above encapsulates my review of the book, and since I get asked questions about video production in general, and specifically for YouTube, I decided to write a few notes from the book so that this may serve as a resource to cover some rudimentary points.
Of course the following will not be a substitute for reading the book, and the points I selected are arbitrarily chosen for general interest.  Further, I also included page numbers in case you want to learn more about a particular point. In other words, buy the book and go right to the page of interest.

Notes from the Book, YouTube for Business

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YouTube Video Upload Specifications

If you help people learn their away around YouTube, you probably are used to repeating a few basic technical specifications. The most common pair of video specs is the basic YouTube maximum size, which is no more than 10 minutes in length, or 100mb in file size. JULY 29, 2010 UPDATE: Today, YouTube boosted the maximum upload length to fifteen minutes (instead of ten minutes). Furthermore, the video file size… Read More »YouTube Video Upload Specifications

YouTube Expands its Partnership Program Again

Do you create and upload a lot of good quality videos to YouTube? If so, you may qualify for the YouTube Partner Program which allows you to receive advertising revenue based upon the number of times your videos are viewed. Well…maybe…maybe not. Certainly, if you are a YouTube Partner, you will get paid. However, the criteria for establishing that YouTube partnership is a bit nebulous. Here’s how YouTube describes their… Read More »YouTube Expands its Partnership Program Again

YouTube Reporters Center

The YouTube Reporters’ Center has recently been initiated “to help you learn more about how to report the news. It features some of the nation’s top journalists and news organizations sharing instructional videos with tips and advice for better reporting.” Here are the titles of a few of the videos: ♦  Pulitzer Center: Tips for Video Journalists ♦  How to Shoot Two Kinds of Video (from Reuters) ♦  PolitiFact’s Guide… Read More »YouTube Reporters Center

YouTube Call-To-Action Overlays

As reported by TechCrunch, YouTube will begin adding Call-To-Action Overlays today, which will allow video publishers to direct YouTube viewers away from to an external website. This is a noteworthy addition since it allows marketers a greater opportunity to move viewers to a targeted website and/or message pertinent to the video (or not). Although such YouTube overlay ads existed before, they were limited to only select partners, specific content… Read More »YouTube Call-To-Action Overlays

Social Media Chocolate Strategy

social media,social media strategysocial media,social media strategyThis week I had the occasion to speak with two friends about Internet marketing and social media. In each case, these ladies were somewhat daunted by all the various opportunities available for communication, connections and/or promotion and were seeking advice on what to do.
My feedback was simple: Eat more chocolate and spend less time on the computer. Well, not really. Arguably, too much of either one can be bad for your health, but if you eat very dark organic chocolate, while simultaneously spending only productive time on the computer, I personally think the health factors turn positive. (Note: I’m not a Doctor and not authorized to give dietary advice, so if you doubt the veracity of such wisdom, please send your chocolate to me).
Health food aside, when assuming the perspective of someone who is “not” availing themselves of a variety of Internet communication channels, I’m sure you can appreciate that such folks could very well be put off by all that can be explored and learned.
So…my real advice is twofold:Read More »Social Media Chocolate Strategy

6 Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Maximum Search Impact

No matter what method you use to track the growth of the YouTube phenomenon, it is a massive online service. Although all manner of video presentations are represented on YouTube (from sub-amateur to highly polished), when considered from the perspective of growing your business, you don’t need to be at the top of the scale, nor should you desire to be at the bottom. But you do want to make… Read More »6 Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Maximum Search Impact

What is Social Media?

Although the roots of social media took hold at the very end of the 20th century, social media is really a 21st century phenomena, since we are still in the midst of a global explosion of its ramifications. In a nutshell, social media is stuff you and I create and publish. Whether that might be articles, photos, videos, music, audio broadcasts, or anything else we care to publish on the… Read More »What is Social Media?