Split-Testing Email Campaigns

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Testing. Testing. Testing. That’s the path to marketing success. This is not a new concept, it’s been around since becoming popularized by Claude Hopkins back in his 1923 book, SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING.
Split testing or A/B testing are terms that describe running and comparing two versions (A and B) of an ad or email which are identical except for one variation of a test criteria, such as the offer, headline, guarantee, colors, layout, etc. Version A might be the currently used version (control), while Version B includes the new test criteria. The results of the testing series will establish a stronger and more effective ad or email offer. Essentially, the marketer is always trying to generate a new and better ad that out-performs the existing control ad and therefore becomes the new control ad.
When it comes to split-testing emails, here are three steps:Read More »Split-Testing Email Campaigns

10 Powerful Ways to Target Facebook Ads You Should Know

What if you could finely tune who would see your display ads? The value of Facebook ads versus other PPC advertising platforms would need to be tested for your own products/services to determine its actual merit. But since Facebook is the current social network gorilla on our little planet, it’s worthy of consideration. An important aspect of Facebook ads to recognize right off the bat is its unique opportunity to… Read More »10 Powerful Ways to Target Facebook Ads You Should Know

Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Performance Testing

1) How do you know if you are focusing your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies on the right keywords? 2) How do you know if you have the best headlines? 3) How do you determine the best offer for your product or service? The answer is keyword research accompanied by TESTING, TESTING and more TESTING! Of course there are a variety of ways to test keywords, to test headlines (and… Read More »Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Performance Testing

Marketing to Generation Y and Generation X

Marketing is the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers and clients. (Definition of Marketing). Traditional marketing has broadly relied upon these channels: • Word-of-mouth • Fliers, brochures and other printed support materials • Print ads in newspapers, magazines and trade publications • Radio and Television commercials • Billboards • And much more However, undercutting all the traditional marketing channels that might… Read More »Marketing to Generation Y and Generation X

Price Test Flowchart for an Undeveloped Product

What’s the best price to charge for a product? How about, what’s the best price to charge for a product that’s not even developed yet? Market price-testing is a simple concept: It’s mostly about finding the price that makes the most money. For example, if you market test the prices of $50 and $100 for the same product, you might expect to make more money on the $100 price.  However,… Read More »Price Test Flowchart for an Undeveloped Product

The Ultimate Answer to More Leads and Customers

1) How do you convert more of your website traffic to leads? 2) How can you convert more of your visitors to customers? These are critical questions for any business person interested in making their website work harder for them. Although converting Internet traffic to leads or customers is only one component of the entire sales process, it’s a very fundamental and critical one. The answers to both the questions… Read More »The Ultimate Answer to More Leads and Customers

Marketing Speed vs. Marketing Investment

1) Online marketing can generate responses very FAST – but the very fastest responses can cost the most, and in the short term, generate the lowest return on investment (ROI). 2) Online and offline marketing can use cash resources very EFFICIENTLY, generating the highest potential ROI – but focusing on the most efficient use of capital can be slower. Most businesses desire a combination of marketing speed and efficient use… Read More »Marketing Speed vs. Marketing Investment

Should You Create an Infomercial for Your Product?

After 1984, when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) eliminated regulations to govern the commercial content of television, infomercials began to proliferate the late-night airwaves because they were cheap to make and proved to be a highly profitable media, selling anything that could be easily shipped. In fact, infomercials became so prominently profitable that more and more money poured into the industry and by the dawn of the 21st century, big… Read More »Should You Create an Infomercial for Your Product?

"Testing" Your Way To Internet Marketing Success

What is Direct Response Testing? (3 minute video) Advertising performance testing is the ongoing comparison and refinement of marketing elements and campaigns to maximize the impact of copywriting, sales offers and marketing messages to optimize the return on investment of advertising dollars. Inadequate market testing will not only generate inferior results for your advertising campaigns, it can be the difference between profitability and unprofitability. Fundamental to Internet Marketing, and Direct… Read More »"Testing" Your Way To Internet Marketing Success

Scientific Advertising

You’ve read a few marketing books. Which has been the most valuable to you? I’ve gobbled up a bunch over the years and continue to do so as much as possible. And although I have a few favorites, in my opinion, the most important one is not a new one. In fact, it may very well be the oldest: Scientific Advertising was written by Claude C. Hopkins in 1923 and… Read More »Scientific Advertising

3 Steps To Online Marketing Success

The concept of online marketing success is easy. Now only if it were just as easy to achieve! The achievement of online marketing success is realized through continual refinement (testing): That’s what the real game of Internet marketing is all about. There are myriad ways to establish the following Three Steps To Online Marketing Success. And the likelihood of achieving them all at once is low. (Each step needs to… Read More »3 Steps To Online Marketing Success

What is a "Performance-Oriented" Website?

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of a performance-oriented website is what it is “not”: It’s not a website that is merely an online brochure. At the lowest level of effectiveness, a website that simply exists is arguably better than no website at all. (Having said that, a really poor website can lower the repute of your business, which, theoretically, could be worse than having no website in the first place).… Read More »What is a "Performance-Oriented" Website?

What To Recommend When Everything is Right

Jeez. How often do you need to advise a company that is doing everything right? Yesterday I worked with a long-time friend and marketing consultant to offer advice about a client of his, who has demonstrated great success as an online marketer for his business. The business website under discussion certainly does not reflect The Five Most Common Website Problems. In fact, the opposite is the case. Not only has… Read More »What To Recommend When Everything is Right

Do It Yourself Online Ad Buying Services

If you need to test a campaign and want to start with a very small budget, say a few hundred dollars, you are not the type of advertising client that publishers with lots of advertising inventory are going to cater to. And this is understandable as the profit for the publisher is too small, relative to the work load of getting everything set up and running. It’s not unusual for… Read More »Do It Yourself Online Ad Buying Services

Online Press Releases for Traffic and SEO

Traditional media is changing more right now and in the past two or three years than the last thirty years.  Most newspapers are laying off staff and some are going out of business.  Newspaper ad revenues are on a multi-year downward spiral. Regardless, traditional media is certainly not dead yet.  In fact, in spite of the ongoing implosion of newspapers and traditional media, the reality is, the big names aren’t… Read More »Online Press Releases for Traffic and SEO

Simple Flow Chart for an Email Marketing Joint Venture Campaign

What are the sequence of steps involved in a joint venture email campaign? That’s the question I was answering when I sketched this flow chart for a client to illustrate an email joint venture that we are developing and which will be launched within a few days. In short, three email messages will be sent to the subscribers of Joint Venture Partner (A) over the course of 2 weeks. The… Read More »Simple Flow Chart for an Email Marketing Joint Venture Campaign

The 7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design

In this video, Tim Ash, author of “Landing Page Optimization,” presents a webinar on the “7 Deadly Sins” of landing page design … and how to correct them. The video is over 1 hour and 15 min and presents a good amount of valuable content. Here is an overview of the webinar: 1) Unclear Call-to-Action You want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the intended… Read More »The 7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design

Blogging Tips From Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss, author of The 4 Hour Workweek, presented “How to Build a High Traffic Blog without Killing Yourself” at WordCamp San Francisco 2009 (WordPress conference). In 2008, Tim won Wired Magazine’s “Greatest Self-Promoter of All Time” prize and was named one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People of 2007.”  Tim has been using WordPress for 3 years (since 2006). Here are a few random notes from the 50-min… Read More »Blogging Tips From Tim Ferriss

Scientific Advertising: Testing, Testing and Testing

Yes, I’m biased about the efficacy of a direct mail background as a powerful foundation for any direct response marketing endeavors.  Having spent some years developing, executing, testing and refining direct mail campaigns, I have developed a deep respect for cost-accountable marketing precision. However, such discipline is not at all new with the advent of electronic spreadsheets and the Internet. It was well popularized by Claude Hopkins himself back in… Read More »Scientific Advertising: Testing, Testing and Testing