Split-Testing Email Campaigns

Email Marketing $19/Month!Email Marketing $19/Month!

Testing. Testing. Testing. That’s the path to marketing success. This is not a new concept, it’s been around since becoming popularized by Claude Hopkins back in his 1923 book, SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING.
Split testing or A/B testing are terms that describe running and comparing two versions (A and B) of an ad or email which are identical except for one variation of a test criteria, such as the offer, headline, guarantee, colors, layout, etc. Version A might be the currently used version (control), while Version B includes the new test criteria. The results of the testing series will establish a stronger and more effective ad or email offer. Essentially, the marketer is always trying to generate a new and better ad that out-performs the existing control ad and therefore becomes the new control ad.
When it comes to split-testing emails, here are three steps:Read More »Split-Testing Email Campaigns

Technology Advertising: It’s the Story! (Not the Technology)

Project Re: Brief, Advertising Re-Invented, by GoogleProject Re: Brief, Advertising Re-Invented, by GoogleTo marketing and advertising types, the technology of getting a message out can be seductive. Regardless of whether it’s (particularly in the past) via direct mail, magazine ads, radio, TV commercials, etc. The “way” to accomplish that can be alluring, particularly when you have imagined, produced and executed an idea that generates impressive returns on investment. (Alternatively, it can be quite disheartening when the increase in new sales does not surpass the money and resources it took to create and get the message out).Read More »Technology Advertising: It’s the Story! (Not the Technology)

Email Marketing Naïveté

Even in this day and age, there are business owners who consider that because email is inexpensive and easy to send, that there’s not much to know about it. Of course, given that most of their attention is on running a business, they cannot be faulted for their naïveté about email marketing. (Or their lack of success in getting email marketing to work for them). But if anyone has gone… Read More »Email Marketing Naïveté

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a special type of website sales page. It may be a page that directly sells a product or service. Alternatively, it could be a web page that sells visitors on the benefits of entering their name and email address in exchange for a free download; or to get more information about a product or service (usually for more expensive or complex products or services); or to… Read More »What is a Landing Page?

Publishing Books Through Print-On-Demand

As we pass the first decade of the 21st century, I find is surprising how many writers are still devoted to traditional publishing as a way to get their words in print. Certainly, if you are an established author, traditional publishing makes sense, since you can focus solely on the writing and let the long-standing publishing machine do all the rest of the work. But for everyone else, getting a… Read More »Publishing Books Through Print-On-Demand

The Love/Hate Dichotomy of Internet Marketing

HOW EFFECTIVE ARE YOUR WEB COMMUNICATIONS? Internet marketing facilitates a two-way communication flow between publishers of information and consumers of information, and makes it easier for commerce to take place. The reason savvy business owners love Internet marketing is because it’s effective and economical (compared to using only traditional media). Never before in history has so much communication power been in the hands of any person who has a computer,… Read More »The Love/Hate Dichotomy of Internet Marketing

Review of Joomla vs. WordPress

Review and Comparison of WordPress and JoomlaReview and Comparison of WordPress and JoomlaWordPress and Joomla are two popular website content management systems that I have been using for a number of years.
There are certainly many others, but if you are contemplating various software foundations to build a website upon, you would be wise to become familiar with either, or both of these as they would be a good choice for many website developers.
Setting up websites has evolved considerably since the mid 90’s. In brief, it has become much easier.
A person with nominal knowledge of the Internet can set up a dynamic website pretty quickly. Of course, if a person is willing to devote more time to the subject, one can create more specialized and customized websites.
This article is not a technical treatise of Joomla and WordPress, but is a simple overview, specifically for non-technical users who are contemplating a software platform for their own website, or as a website for a group of users.Read More »Review of Joomla vs. WordPress

What is a "Performance-Oriented" Website?

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of a performance-oriented website is what it is “not”: It’s not a website that is merely an online brochure. At the lowest level of effectiveness, a website that simply exists is arguably better than no website at all. (Having said that, a really poor website can lower the repute of your business, which, theoretically, could be worse than having no website in the first place).… Read More »What is a "Performance-Oriented" Website?

Blogging in Subdirectories, Subdomains or Separate Domains?

Blogging is a practical and effective way to boost your web presence via ongoing and regular content updates, while enjoying attendant search engine optimization benefits.  Furthermore, a blog is the central hub for a social media marketing strategy.  However, when setting up a blog for the first time (or even relocating one at a later time), there are options on where to place the blog in regards to the website’s… Read More »Blogging in Subdirectories, Subdomains or Separate Domains?

What To Recommend When Everything is Right

Jeez. How often do you need to advise a company that is doing everything right? Yesterday I worked with a long-time friend and marketing consultant to offer advice about a client of his, who has demonstrated great success as an online marketer for his business. The business website under discussion certainly does not reflect The Five Most Common Website Problems. In fact, the opposite is the case. Not only has… Read More »What To Recommend When Everything is Right

What Is The Marketing Purpose of Social Media?

Social media can be simply for fun. Connecting up with old friends via Facebook, creating/viewing videos on YouTube, posting/sharing photos on Flickr and taking advantage of any of the many other social media networks can be entertaining, educational, and stimulating. (Conversely, social media time wasting would be a reason to stay away from it all….) However, from a marketing perspective, there is another purpose that needs to be considered. Used… Read More »What Is The Marketing Purpose of Social Media?

Good and Bad of 21st Century Marketing Technology

With the advent of modern advertising, and Internet marketing technologies in particular, has marketing become easier, more efficient and less costly? Or in fact, has marketing become more complex, more misunderstood, less efficient and more costly? In brief: I would answer “Yes” to both questions. Marketing Misunderstandings 21st century marketing, particularly Internet marketing services, are prone to misunderstanding. On the one hand, the technologies of Internet marketing may appear so… Read More »Good and Bad of 21st Century Marketing Technology

Do It Yourself Online Ad Buying Services

If you need to test a campaign and want to start with a very small budget, say a few hundred dollars, you are not the type of advertising client that publishers with lots of advertising inventory are going to cater to. And this is understandable as the profit for the publisher is too small, relative to the work load of getting everything set up and running. It’s not unusual for… Read More »Do It Yourself Online Ad Buying Services

Online Press Releases for Traffic and SEO

Traditional media is changing more right now and in the past two or three years than the last thirty years.  Most newspapers are laying off staff and some are going out of business.  Newspaper ad revenues are on a multi-year downward spiral. Regardless, traditional media is certainly not dead yet.  In fact, in spite of the ongoing implosion of newspapers and traditional media, the reality is, the big names aren’t… Read More »Online Press Releases for Traffic and SEO

More About Keywords: How to Rank Fast!

Search marketers introduce “Keywords” as the most fundamental element of using pay-per-click advertising and/or search engine optimization to get an online message out. Indeed, keywords are at the core of the Triangle of Search Engine Optimization video. But how much can you learn and know about keywords? At first blush, it sure seems like a simple subject! On a conceptual level, keywords are simple: keywords are the terms used by… Read More »More About Keywords: How to Rank Fast!

Simple Flow Chart for an Email Marketing Joint Venture Campaign

What are the sequence of steps involved in a joint venture email campaign? That’s the question I was answering when I sketched this flow chart for a client to illustrate an email joint venture that we are developing and which will be launched within a few days. In short, three email messages will be sent to the subscribers of Joint Venture Partner (A) over the course of 2 weeks. The… Read More »Simple Flow Chart for an Email Marketing Joint Venture Campaign

Defending Against Click Fraud partnered with to present a report entitled, ANCHOR INTELLIGENCE REPORT: ANATOMY OF A FRAUDSTER. The following excerpt offers useful tips for monitoring and defending against click fraud for your pay-per-click campaigns: 1) Watch for significant variations in campaign performance: Look at your reports to identify sudden peaks and other anomalies in your daily traffic and costs. If you cannot determine the cause and the peaks are not associated… Read More »Defending Against Click Fraud

The 7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design

In this video, Tim Ash, author of “Landing Page Optimization,” presents a webinar on the “7 Deadly Sins” of landing page design … and how to correct them. The video is over 1 hour and 15 min and presents a good amount of valuable content. Here is an overview of the webinar: 1) Unclear Call-to-Action You want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the intended… Read More »The 7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design

What Are The Basic Website Metrics?

“Traffic” is the most common metric to evaluate for websites and blogs, but there are many other ways to measure a website’s performance. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but is applicable to the largest quantity of sites. (For example, “sales,” “gross profit” and “net profit” are not included here, but are vital for ecommerce sites). ♦ Traffic Rank is a stat via that represents a relative… Read More »What Are The Basic Website Metrics?

Checking Backlinks With Yahoo

One important aspect of search engine optimization revolves around incoming links, also known as backlinks. (See the third point of the SEO Triangle video). Measuring the quantity and quality of links from other relevant domains that point to a given website is an important signal that search engines use to determine which are the most important web pages to serve up higher in the search engine rankings. “Quantity” of incoming… Read More »Checking Backlinks With Yahoo