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Technology Advertising: It’s the Story! (Not the Technology)

Project Re: Brief, Advertising Re-Invented, by GoogleProject Re: Brief, Advertising Re-Invented, by GoogleTo marketing and advertising types, the technology of getting a message out can be seductive. Regardless of whether it’s (particularly in the past) via direct mail, magazine ads, radio, TV commercials, etc. The “way” to accomplish that can be alluring, particularly when you have imagined, produced and executed an idea that generates impressive returns on investment. (Alternatively, it can be quite disheartening when the increase in new sales does not surpass the money and resources it took to create and get the message out).Read More »Technology Advertising: It’s the Story! (Not the Technology)

Should I Use SEO or PPC to Generate More Sales for My Business?

One of the common questions I get from clients trying to figure out how to manage their marketing budgets is “Should I use search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to generate more sales for my business?” SEO embraces all the ways to drive visitors naturally to your website to take advantage of low-cost traffic, including the use of social media. PPC is simpler to understand, since the concept… Read More »Should I Use SEO or PPC to Generate More Sales for My Business?

Marketing to Generation Y and Generation X

Marketing is the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers and clients. (Definition of Marketing). Traditional marketing has broadly relied upon these channels: • Word-of-mouth • Fliers, brochures and other printed support materials • Print ads in newspapers, magazines and trade publications • Radio and Television commercials • Billboards • And much more However, undercutting all the traditional marketing channels that might… Read More »Marketing to Generation Y and Generation X

Facebook Advertising – Not For Everyone

Although Facebook is a popular social networking platform, from an advertising perspective, it’s more noteworthy as a large marketplace replete with a generous amount of user demographic data that can be readily translated into more targeted ads to carry your message. But not all products and services are profitably suited to advertising on Facebook. What Products and Services Sell Best on Facebook? Facebook primarily caters to individuals inclined towards communicating… Read More »Facebook Advertising – Not For Everyone

Measuring Social Media Marketing

From a business perspective, one of the most compelling arguments against investing resources into social media marketing is the lack of quantifiable performance metrics. Especially, since for most small and medium-sized businesses, they just don’t have the time, money and personnel to take advantage of some of the more advanced ways to track social media performance. Furthermore, social media, as a marketing channel, is quite different than running advertisements, sending… Read More »Measuring Social Media Marketing

How Much Time Should Your Business Devote to Social Media?

Social media can be used to generate more traffic and engagement with your prospects and customers. But how much time should you devote to it, from a business perspective? That’s an especially important question if your social media efforts are not generating any quantifiable revenue. Particularly when there are many other strategies that will, and already are, producing traffic and sales for you. Hence, the simple answer to the question… Read More »How Much Time Should Your Business Devote to Social Media?

Social Media Marketing Guide

Social Media platforms and channels represent a rapidly evolving landscape. SEOmoz has compiled an update for their Social Media Guide, which lists the most popular social media sites for marketing your business. After you click on the following link and scroll down to the guide itself, you’ll see two large tabs to explore: “Top 25 Social Media Sites” and a list of “101 Social Media Sites.” Social Media Marketing Guide… Read More »Social Media Marketing Guide

Making Connections and Engaging With People

I like this following quote from Frank Watson at Search Engine Watch in regards to search marketing: You can read and test your way 80 percent into the oh-my-god-space, but the final few steps are done from a greater distance and a bigger commitment of time. It simply articulates that a lot can be gained in the world of SEO with some vigorous study and application. But that last 20%… Read More »Making Connections and Engaging With People

Social Media Metrics

The metrics for social media marketing may not be inspiring or compelling to any bottom-line focused marketing executive. Especially compared to the measurability of direct response marketing. Nevertheless, social media is a platform that does provide another opportunity to get your business name in front of more people, in relatively inexpensive ways. Here is a simple list of social media metrics, outlined by Liana Evans at Search Engine Watch, which,… Read More »Social Media Metrics

What is Link Bait?

Link bait refers to a component of search engine optimization. More specifically, it’s an inherent aspect of the third part of the SEO Triangle, which is depicted in the video, Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle. The third part of the SEO Triangle has to do with establishing inbound hyperlinks, which is what linkbaiting is all about. Another way to describe link bait would be to refer to it… Read More »What is Link Bait?

What is Online Marketing?

“Online marketing” is a term that encompasses a large area of specialized technological and promotional disciplines to sell products and services via the Internet.  With more and more companies moving their advertising budgets from traditional media to online marketing, the game is increasingly becoming more and more competitive.  And for most businesses, more and more vital to their bottom line. More Than a Website Online marketing is much more than… Read More »What is Online Marketing?

Two Fundamentals of Creative Link Building

Inbound links are an important component of search engine optimization (SEO) and increasing your website’s profile on the Internet. (For more info, see the third part of the triangle in the video Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle). SEO, and particularly the process of building inbound links, is better approached via creative thinking. Once you understand the mechanics of on-page optimization, including the use of pertinent keyword title tags,… Read More »Two Fundamentals of Creative Link Building

A Simple Online and Offline Marketing Strategy

How do “you” fulfill client proposal requests for online marketing? Especially if no budget is immediately established? My preference is to deliver a comprehensive, highly customized, written proposal and presentation, based upon market research, in conjunction with an analysis of the client’s past and current marketing. Of course this is a lot of work. And I charge for it. There are numerous advantages to this: not least is the opportunity… Read More »A Simple Online and Offline Marketing Strategy

What Is The Marketing Purpose of Social Media?

Social media can be simply for fun. Connecting up with old friends via Facebook, creating/viewing videos on YouTube, posting/sharing photos on Flickr and taking advantage of any of the many other social media networks can be entertaining, educational, and stimulating. (Conversely, social media time wasting would be a reason to stay away from it all….) However, from a marketing perspective, there is another purpose that needs to be considered. Used… Read More »What Is The Marketing Purpose of Social Media?

17 Steps For Social Networking Success (And Chocolate)

Lyndon Antcliff wrote How to win friends and influence people with social media networking and breaks it down into 17 steps, with step #1 revolving around your blog as the hub of your social networking activities. “Your blog is where you show who you are and that you are a real person. People want to know about the people they do business with, and in a digital world your blog… Read More »17 Steps For Social Networking Success (And Chocolate)

Should You Offer a Paid Online Newsletter?

newsletter,marketing,email newsletternewsletter,marketing,email newsletterA client of mine has been entertaining the concept of offering a paid newsletter. It certainly seems compelling: Write an ongoing valuable stream of content to attract more and more subscribers, which equates to more and more profit for roughly the same amount of work.
My reply was to note that this model was more popular ten years ago, although it is certainly still in existence today. However, as the earlier success of online (email) newsletters grew popular, the concept of offering them for free, as a low-cost marketing media, also garnered success. So much so, that in this day and age, free newsletters of some sort are so ubiquitous that they REALLY need to be compelling to stand out.
Regardless, that does not suggest that “you” should not consider offering one yourself. Or stated more specifically, you should offer something free in exchange for the email addresses of visitors, so that you can build a relationship with them and keep them connected to you, which will make them more amenable to paying money to you. (Read What Are YOU Giving Away For FREE? for more info).

Offering A Paid NewsletterRead More »Should You Offer a Paid Online Newsletter?

Basic Tips on Maintaining Facebook Business Pages

As if you don’t have enough to do! Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and how many other social media platforms are you maintaining? Let’s also factor in the obvious – you have a business to run, too! Facebook is currently the biggest social network and warrants attention. If you are a business owner, or a marketer helping other businesses, you should be taking advantage of Facebook’s free “Pages,” which are different… Read More »Basic Tips on Maintaining Facebook Business Pages

Social Media Marketing, Public Relations and Real Value

Social media is a widely fascinating area for marketers. Primarily because it’s such a massively engaging area for users around the world. The “best practices” to apply social media for marketing and PR purposes are being developed in real time. Regardless, one thing that seems to be understood (rightly or not) is the game of generating lots of individuals who you can touch through any (or many) of the myriad… Read More »Social Media Marketing, Public Relations and Real Value

3 Real-World Blogging Tips for Success

I emailed this to an associate and then thought I should post it here for others.  Hub Spot posted an interview with Brian Clark – founder of Copyblogger – which is a blog about using copywriting and social media for online marketing and has over 60,000 subscribers.  I’ve excerpted a few questions and answers from the interview for you. To see the whole interview, click the link at the bottom… Read More »3 Real-World Blogging Tips for Success