4 Keys to Leveraging Press Releases

Press Releases may be viewed as holdovers from traditional media and are still relevant in the digital age. But what can be done to leverage them more effectively with modern business messaging initiatives? In short, basic Internet marketing stuff. The same key basics that are used to leverage technology to distribute your message farther than ever, with lower costs than in the past. 1) Keywords Search Engine Optimization should be… Read More »4 Keys to Leveraging Press Releases

Generating Free Traffic with Blogs

There are a number of ways to generate traffic, but they can all be boiled down to either: 1) Buying traffic or 2) Growing traffic naturally (free), primarily through Search Engine Optimization and including the use of social media. And if you have a blog, the opportunities are even greater in regards to developing traffic naturally. Because there is a large community of bloggers in the world, there is a… Read More »Generating Free Traffic with Blogs

Internal Linking

Since not all the content on your site has equal value, one simple way to establish greater authority for any given page(s) on your website is to create your own additional internal links that point to those pages. Although that value can develop naturally over time as incoming links from external sites begin to point to your more important pages, you can give those same important pages an advantage by… Read More »Internal Linking

Search Engine Marketing: Get More Visitors

One of the things that makes search engine marketing challenging, exciting, frustrating and energizing and any other positive and/or negative attributes you care to assign, is that changes occur quickly and dramatically in the digital marketing industry. Heck, even the term “Search Engine Marketing” (SEM) has not established a universal definition. To many folks SEM refers to the various forms of paid marketing, such as pay-per-click advertising. To others, SEM… Read More »Search Engine Marketing: Get More Visitors

The Basics of Link Building for SEO

One of the most fundamental aspects of utilizing search engine optimization to push your website higher on the search engine results page is to establish more and more links to your site (and specific pages) from external sites. And not just any links, you want inbound links that are high value – the higher the better. Get Links From External High Ranking Web Pages So, what’s “high value”? Google’s PageRank… Read More »The Basics of Link Building for SEO

How Long Will It Take to See SEO Results?

The great advantage of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is that the results are nearly instantaneous. You can engage in a PPC campaign in the morning and refine the campaign based on stats in the afternoon. You can know very quickly if you are making more money than you’re spending – or vice versa. As long as you are making money, all is wonderful. But, it would not be unusual to find… Read More »How Long Will It Take to See SEO Results?

The Two Biggest Barriers to Hiring an SEO Pro

There are two barriers that complicate your attempt at finding an SEO professional for your needs. SEO Hiring Barrier #1 Optimizing websites to improve search engine positioning is predicated upon understanding the ways that search engines utilize complex factors to determine which websites to rank higher. But the exact ways that such are accomplished is not only a highly guarded secret, it’s also continuously being refined and changed by the… Read More »The Two Biggest Barriers to Hiring an SEO Pro

Keywords: Keys to Internet Marketing

   KEYWORDS are the language that computers use to understand what you and I are searching for. Keyword phrases are the currency of the Internet. This is a very rudimentary video about the foundation of Internet marketing. Search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and much of Internet marketing, in general, is built upon the use of keywords. Keyword marketing refers to the ways keywords can be leveraged to get our messages… Read More »Keywords: Keys to Internet Marketing

Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle

Keywords are the language that computers use to understand what you and I are looking for on the Internet. They are also important for the purpose of optimizing our websites to make it easier for search engines, and more importantly, for people, to find the information and/or products on our sites. Keywords are at the center of the SEO Triangle, which illustrates the basic concepts of using search engine optimization… Read More »Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle

3 Steps To Online Marketing Success

The concept of online marketing success is easy. Now only if it were just as easy to achieve! The achievement of online marketing success is realized through continual refinement (testing): That’s what the real game of Internet marketing is all about. There are myriad ways to establish the following Three Steps To Online Marketing Success. And the likelihood of achieving them all at once is low. (Each step needs to… Read More »3 Steps To Online Marketing Success

Link Building vs. Link Buying

Want to push your website higher in the search rankings? Once your website features a quantity of useful, unique and desirable content (as well as ongoing content development), and the technical aspects of your on-site search engine optimization efforts are established, what’s next? The majority of work will be developing inbound links. (For more info on the relationship of content, on-site factors and link building, see the video Driving Website… Read More »Link Building vs. Link Buying

Example of Keyword Research and Site Structure

There’s much written about keyword research on the web and on this site. And yet, because keyword research and the application of keywords represent the bedrock of pay per click advertising and search engine optimization, it behooves any search marketer to hone his or her skills in this area. With that in mind, I’m continually interested in specific examples of managing keywords to maximize a website’s presence on the Internet… Read More »Example of Keyword Research and Site Structure

Chronology of SEO Processes

One of the hazards of search engine optimization is that it is a moving target. Some strategies and tactics that worked in the past, don’t work as well now, or have generally become devalued. Most have changed in relative importance in some way, whether significantly or less so. Think of “keyword stuffing” which garnered search engine favor a long time ago. That expedient of placing lots of relevant keywords on… Read More »Chronology of SEO Processes

What is Link Bait?

Link bait refers to a component of search engine optimization. More specifically, it’s an inherent aspect of the third part of the SEO Triangle, which is depicted in the video, Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle. The third part of the SEO Triangle has to do with establishing inbound hyperlinks, which is what linkbaiting is all about. Another way to describe link bait would be to refer to it… Read More »What is Link Bait?

How Well Do You Know Your Keywords?

Although keywords are fundamental to a successful website that takes advantage of natural search engine traffic, it’s easy to overlook the value and scope of their importance. I say “easy” because it’s not unusual to consider that one knows the core keywords for their industry or market so well, that it doesn’t deserve much inspection. And it is probably true that most marketing executives or small business owners are quite… Read More »How Well Do You Know Your Keywords?

The Changing World of SEO

Leave it to Aaron Wall at SEObook to continue to provide innovative perspectives and high-level content on the nature of SEO. Here he provides a large graphic on How the SEO Industry Went Corporate which not only outlines a relative history of SEO and search marketing but also points to the future.  (You may need to click on the graphic again, after it appears, so that it can be enlarged… Read More »The Changing World of SEO

Perspectives on Link Buying to Increase Search Ranking

Where do your sentiments align in terms of whether to “buy links” or “not to buy links” for search engine optimization purposes? Regardless of whether you have strong feelings one way or the other, or if you are somewhere in the middle, the following two posts that were published today from two high-profile SEO professionals, along with their related comments, provide a very well-rounded encapsulation of the involved perspectives. Rand… Read More »Perspectives on Link Buying to Increase Search Ranking

What is Online Marketing?

“Online marketing” is a term that encompasses a large area of specialized technological and promotional disciplines to sell products and services via the Internet.  With more and more companies moving their advertising budgets from traditional media to online marketing, the game is increasingly becoming more and more competitive.  And for most businesses, more and more vital to their bottom line. More Than a Website Online marketing is much more than… Read More »What is Online Marketing?

SEO Link Evaluation Factors

A vital component of search engine optimization revolves around links: especially establishing inbound links. (See Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle for more info). Rand Fishkin as SEOmoz has put together a compendium of factors related to the relative valuation of links: 17 Ways Search Engines Judge the Value of a Link. Here are the points covered: 1) Internal vs. External 2) Anchor Text 3) PageRank 4) TrustRank 5)… Read More »SEO Link Evaluation Factors

Two Fundamentals of Creative Link Building

Inbound links are an important component of search engine optimization (SEO) and increasing your website’s profile on the Internet. (For more info, see the third part of the triangle in the video Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle). SEO, and particularly the process of building inbound links, is better approached via creative thinking. Once you understand the mechanics of on-page optimization, including the use of pertinent keyword title tags,… Read More »Two Fundamentals of Creative Link Building