10 Powerful Ways to Target Facebook Ads You Should Know

What if you could finely tune who would see your display ads? The value of Facebook ads versus other PPC advertising platforms would need to be tested for your own products/services to determine its actual merit. But since Facebook is the current social network gorilla on our little planet, it’s worthy of consideration. An important aspect of Facebook ads to recognize right off the bat is its unique opportunity to… Read More »10 Powerful Ways to Target Facebook Ads You Should Know

Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Performance Testing

1) How do you know if you are focusing your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies on the right keywords? 2) How do you know if you have the best headlines? 3) How do you determine the best offer for your product or service? The answer is keyword research accompanied by TESTING, TESTING and more TESTING! Of course there are a variety of ways to test keywords, to test headlines (and… Read More »Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Performance Testing

Should I Use SEO or PPC to Generate More Sales for My Business?

One of the common questions I get from clients trying to figure out how to manage their marketing budgets is “Should I use search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to generate more sales for my business?” SEO embraces all the ways to drive visitors naturally to your website to take advantage of low-cost traffic, including the use of social media. PPC is simpler to understand, since the concept… Read More »Should I Use SEO or PPC to Generate More Sales for My Business?

Search Engine Marketing: Get More Visitors

One of the things that makes search engine marketing challenging, exciting, frustrating and energizing and any other positive and/or negative attributes you care to assign, is that changes occur quickly and dramatically in the digital marketing industry. Heck, even the term “Search Engine Marketing” (SEM) has not established a universal definition. To many folks SEM refers to the various forms of paid marketing, such as pay-per-click advertising. To others, SEM… Read More »Search Engine Marketing: Get More Visitors

Facebook Advertising – Not For Everyone

Although Facebook is a popular social networking platform, from an advertising perspective, it’s more noteworthy as a large marketplace replete with a generous amount of user demographic data that can be readily translated into more targeted ads to carry your message. But not all products and services are profitably suited to advertising on Facebook. What Products and Services Sell Best on Facebook? Facebook primarily caters to individuals inclined towards communicating… Read More »Facebook Advertising – Not For Everyone

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a special type of website sales page. It may be a page that directly sells a product or service. Alternatively, it could be a web page that sells visitors on the benefits of entering their name and email address in exchange for a free download; or to get more information about a product or service (usually for more expensive or complex products or services); or to… Read More »What is a Landing Page?

Intro to AdWords (Part 3): Buying PPC Ads on Google "Search" or "Content Network"?

When buying traffic (paid advertising) through Google’s Adwords service, there is an important distinction to be understood between buying traffic on Google’s well-known search results pages, and buying traffic on their Content Network. For many businesses, ONLY advertising on Google’s search pages is the mainstay of their paid traffic strategy. However, the Content Network is workable for other businesses. Google’s Content Network includes all the websites that host ads for… Read More »Intro to AdWords (Part 3): Buying PPC Ads on Google "Search" or "Content Network"?

Price Test Flowchart for an Undeveloped Product

What’s the best price to charge for a product? How about, what’s the best price to charge for a product that’s not even developed yet? Market price-testing is a simple concept: It’s mostly about finding the price that makes the most money. For example, if you market test the prices of $50 and $100 for the same product, you might expect to make more money on the $100 price.  However,… Read More »Price Test Flowchart for an Undeveloped Product

How Long Will It Take to See SEO Results?

The great advantage of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is that the results are nearly instantaneous. You can engage in a PPC campaign in the morning and refine the campaign based on stats in the afternoon. You can know very quickly if you are making more money than you’re spending – or vice versa. As long as you are making money, all is wonderful. But, it would not be unusual to find… Read More »How Long Will It Take to See SEO Results?

Intro to AdWords (Part 2): Location Targeting

A fundamental point to understand about advertising your products or services via the Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) system is that you can target the geographic location of where your ads will display. Why pay for advertising in a location that does your business no good? Just as a real estate consultant in Chicago would not buy a Yellow Pages ad in Atlanta, any other local business professional would not need… Read More »Intro to AdWords (Part 2): Location Targeting

Should You Create an Infomercial for Your Product?

After 1984, when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) eliminated regulations to govern the commercial content of television, infomercials began to proliferate the late-night airwaves because they were cheap to make and proved to be a highly profitable media, selling anything that could be easily shipped. In fact, infomercials became so prominently profitable that more and more money poured into the industry and by the dawn of the 21st century, big… Read More »Should You Create an Infomercial for Your Product?

3 Steps To Online Marketing Success

The concept of online marketing success is easy. Now only if it were just as easy to achieve! The achievement of online marketing success is realized through continual refinement (testing): That’s what the real game of Internet marketing is all about. There are myriad ways to establish the following Three Steps To Online Marketing Success. And the likelihood of achieving them all at once is low. (Each step needs to… Read More »3 Steps To Online Marketing Success

Intro to AdWords (Part 1): Buying Traffic

AdWords is what makes Google rich. However, used effectively, AdWords, as an online pay per click advertising system, can generate leads and sales and in that way also make some business owners rich. Conversely, you can also lose money through these little advertisements that are somewhat akin to online classified ads, which show up along search results (or within websites and blogs). In fact, it’s likely that when you start… Read More »Intro to AdWords (Part 1): Buying Traffic

Example of Keyword Research and Site Structure

There’s much written about keyword research on the web and on this site. And yet, because keyword research and the application of keywords represent the bedrock of pay per click advertising and search engine optimization, it behooves any search marketer to hone his or her skills in this area. With that in mind, I’m continually interested in specific examples of managing keywords to maximize a website’s presence on the Internet… Read More »Example of Keyword Research and Site Structure

Internet Advertising Revenues (1st Half 2009)

With a notable recession in play, what are the numbers for internet advertising?  As reported via TechCrunch, U.S. Internet Ad Revenues Decline 5.3% In First Half 2009. The source of the data is from a report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers, released today, which focuses on the first 6 months of 2009. Here’s a couple takeaways from the report: Search revenue accounted for 47 percent of 2009 second-quarter… Read More »Internet Advertising Revenues (1st Half 2009)

What is Online Marketing?

“Online marketing” is a term that encompasses a large area of specialized technological and promotional disciplines to sell products and services via the Internet.  With more and more companies moving their advertising budgets from traditional media to online marketing, the game is increasingly becoming more and more competitive.  And for most businesses, more and more vital to their bottom line. More Than a Website Online marketing is much more than… Read More »What is Online Marketing?

What is a "Performance-Oriented" Website?

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of a performance-oriented website is what it is “not”: It’s not a website that is merely an online brochure. At the lowest level of effectiveness, a website that simply exists is arguably better than no website at all. (Having said that, a really poor website can lower the repute of your business, which, theoretically, could be worse than having no website in the first place).… Read More »What is a "Performance-Oriented" Website?

How Simple is Online Marketing and Affiliate Advertising?

How easy is online marketing? Particularly in an era when a ubiquity of online educational programs about Internet marketing promote how simple it is? On one end of a spectrum of perspectives resides The Evil Allure of Internet Marketing. Another (somewhat related) perspective reflects an inherent confusion among inexperienced individuals who simply do not understand that online marketing is more than setting up a website. Although establishing a website is… Read More »How Simple is Online Marketing and Affiliate Advertising?

A Simple Online and Offline Marketing Strategy

How do “you” fulfill client proposal requests for online marketing? Especially if no budget is immediately established? My preference is to deliver a comprehensive, highly customized, written proposal and presentation, based upon market research, in conjunction with an analysis of the client’s past and current marketing. Of course this is a lot of work. And I charge for it. There are numerous advantages to this: not least is the opportunity… Read More »A Simple Online and Offline Marketing Strategy