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Split-Testing Email Campaigns

Email Marketing $19/Month!Email Marketing $19/Month!

Testing. Testing. Testing. That’s the path to marketing success. This is not a new concept, it’s been around since becoming popularized by Claude Hopkins back in his 1923 book, SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING.
Split testing or A/B testing are terms that describe running and comparing two versions (A and B) of an ad or email which are identical except for one variation of a test criteria, such as the offer, headline, guarantee, colors, layout, etc. Version A might be the currently used version (control), while Version B includes the new test criteria. The results of the testing series will establish a stronger and more effective ad or email offer. Essentially, the marketer is always trying to generate a new and better ad that out-performs the existing control ad and therefore becomes the new control ad.
When it comes to split-testing emails, here are three steps:Read More »Split-Testing Email Campaigns

Technology Advertising: It’s the Story! (Not the Technology)

Project Re: Brief, Advertising Re-Invented, by GoogleProject Re: Brief, Advertising Re-Invented, by GoogleTo marketing and advertising types, the technology of getting a message out can be seductive. Regardless of whether it’s (particularly in the past) via direct mail, magazine ads, radio, TV commercials, etc. The “way” to accomplish that can be alluring, particularly when you have imagined, produced and executed an idea that generates impressive returns on investment. (Alternatively, it can be quite disheartening when the increase in new sales does not surpass the money and resources it took to create and get the message out).Read More »Technology Advertising: It’s the Story! (Not the Technology)

Managing Internet Marketing Expectations

One of the problems with Internet marketing – including the various flavors, such as SEO, PPC, display advertising, video marketing, social media, etc. – is achieving an understanding with clients regarding campaign expectations. Not only do the various technologies provide opportunity for misunderstandings in and of themselves, but there is also misinformation propagated from all manner of sources attempting to lure money from hopeful business owners or entrepreneurs based almost… Read More »Managing Internet Marketing Expectations

4 Keys to Leveraging Press Releases

Press Releases may be viewed as holdovers from traditional media and are still relevant in the digital age. But what can be done to leverage them more effectively with modern business messaging initiatives? In short, basic Internet marketing stuff. The same key basics that are used to leverage technology to distribute your message farther than ever, with lower costs than in the past. 1) Keywords Search Engine Optimization should be… Read More »4 Keys to Leveraging Press Releases

Should I Use SEO or PPC to Generate More Sales for My Business?

One of the common questions I get from clients trying to figure out how to manage their marketing budgets is “Should I use search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to generate more sales for my business?” SEO embraces all the ways to drive visitors naturally to your website to take advantage of low-cost traffic, including the use of social media. PPC is simpler to understand, since the concept… Read More »Should I Use SEO or PPC to Generate More Sales for My Business?

Marketing to Generation Y and Generation X

Marketing is the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers and clients. (Definition of Marketing). Traditional marketing has broadly relied upon these channels: • Word-of-mouth • Fliers, brochures and other printed support materials • Print ads in newspapers, magazines and trade publications • Radio and Television commercials • Billboards • And much more However, undercutting all the traditional marketing channels that might… Read More »Marketing to Generation Y and Generation X

Direct Response Copywriting Formula

How many times have you purchased something from TV, or via postal mail, email, a magazine ad, or a website? Any time you’ve made such a purchase – especially via TV – you may have passed through the following copywriting formula. The whole point of direct response copywriting, whether used via TV or radio commercials, in direct mail solicitations, for website sales videos, email marketing, etc., is to get you… Read More »Direct Response Copywriting Formula

Facebook Advertising – Not For Everyone

Although Facebook is a popular social networking platform, from an advertising perspective, it’s more noteworthy as a large marketplace replete with a generous amount of user demographic data that can be readily translated into more targeted ads to carry your message. But not all products and services are profitably suited to advertising on Facebook. What Products and Services Sell Best on Facebook? Facebook primarily caters to individuals inclined towards communicating… Read More »Facebook Advertising – Not For Everyone

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a special type of website sales page. It may be a page that directly sells a product or service. Alternatively, it could be a web page that sells visitors on the benefits of entering their name and email address in exchange for a free download; or to get more information about a product or service (usually for more expensive or complex products or services); or to… Read More »What is a Landing Page?

Price Test Flowchart for an Undeveloped Product

What’s the best price to charge for a product? How about, what’s the best price to charge for a product that’s not even developed yet? Market price-testing is a simple concept: It’s mostly about finding the price that makes the most money. For example, if you market test the prices of $50 and $100 for the same product, you might expect to make more money on the $100 price.  However,… Read More »Price Test Flowchart for an Undeveloped Product

6 Basic Mistakes for Ecommerce Sites

Are you selling something on your website and not generating enough sales? You already know it takes effort and resources to drive traffic there. Perhaps you’re generating visitors and potential customers/clients via online channels such as pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, joint ventures, email marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, webinars, etc. And/or, perhaps you’re using offline channels such as direct mail, radio, seminars and infomercials to gain visitors. Regardless… Read More »6 Basic Mistakes for Ecommerce Sites

The Ultimate Answer to More Leads and Customers

1) How do you convert more of your website traffic to leads? 2) How can you convert more of your visitors to customers? These are critical questions for any business person interested in making their website work harder for them. Although converting Internet traffic to leads or customers is only one component of the entire sales process, it’s a very fundamental and critical one. The answers to both the questions… Read More »The Ultimate Answer to More Leads and Customers

Internet Fraud and Work-at-Home Scams

Consumer scams are not new. As an example, in the 1920’s, the Ponzi scheme (bogus investment swindle) was a notorious way to bilk individuals from their savings.  However, the idea of that specific scam goes back earlier, to 1857, when Charles Dickens described it in his novel Little Dorrit. The recent example of Bernie Madoff, operator of the largest Ponzi scheme in history, is testament that old ideas can be… Read More »Internet Fraud and Work-at-Home Scams

5 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

“How do I make money on the Internet?” Whether it’s a business person tasked with increasing their company’s revenue, or an individual looking to start an online business, that question is fundamental to their mutual purposes: leveraging the Internet for profit. So, let’s review the basic online marketing business models, in terms of advantages and disadvantages, and see what may resonate with your needs. By the way, the first two… Read More »5 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Should You Create an Infomercial for Your Product?

After 1984, when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) eliminated regulations to govern the commercial content of television, infomercials began to proliferate the late-night airwaves because they were cheap to make and proved to be a highly profitable media, selling anything that could be easily shipped. In fact, infomercials became so prominently profitable that more and more money poured into the industry and by the dawn of the 21st century, big… Read More »Should You Create an Infomercial for Your Product?

Pay-For-Performance Marketing Services

Are Pay-For-Performance marketing services for you? The obvious advantage would be the vested interest in the provider delivering the best and fastest service possible, in order to be optimally remunerated. Such an arrangement is more like establishing a professional partnership than paying someone that you hope will generate more revenue for your company. SkyworksMarketing pay-per-performance consulting provides a built-in mutual incentive for increasing your company’s leads, sales and profits as… Read More »Pay-For-Performance Marketing Services

3 Steps To Online Marketing Success

The concept of online marketing success is easy. Now only if it were just as easy to achieve! The achievement of online marketing success is realized through continual refinement (testing): That’s what the real game of Internet marketing is all about. There are myriad ways to establish the following Three Steps To Online Marketing Success. And the likelihood of achieving them all at once is low. (Each step needs to… Read More »3 Steps To Online Marketing Success

What is Link Bait?

Link bait refers to a component of search engine optimization. More specifically, it’s an inherent aspect of the third part of the SEO Triangle, which is depicted in the video, Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle. The third part of the SEO Triangle has to do with establishing inbound hyperlinks, which is what linkbaiting is all about. Another way to describe link bait would be to refer to it… Read More »What is Link Bait?