Split-Testing Email Campaigns

Email Marketing $19/Month!Email Marketing $19/Month!

Testing. Testing. Testing. That’s the path to marketing success. This is not a new concept, it’s been around since becoming popularized by Claude Hopkins back in his 1923 book, SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING.
Split testing or A/B testing are terms that describe running and comparing two versions (A and B) of an ad or email which are identical except for one variation of a test criteria, such as the offer, headline, guarantee, colors, layout, etc. Version A might be the currently used version (control), while Version B includes the new test criteria. The results of the testing series will establish a stronger and more effective ad or email offer. Essentially, the marketer is always trying to generate a new and better ad that out-performs the existing control ad and therefore becomes the new control ad.
When it comes to split-testing emails, here are three steps:Read More »Split-Testing Email Campaigns

Email Marketing Naïveté

Even in this day and age, there are business owners who consider that because email is inexpensive and easy to send, that there’s not much to know about it. Of course, given that most of their attention is on running a business, they cannot be faulted for their naïveté about email marketing. (Or their lack of success in getting email marketing to work for them). But if anyone has gone… Read More »Email Marketing Naïveté

#1 Copywriting Tip

There are many important elements and guidelines for effective copywriting. And there are different viewpoints on which would be the most important. In my experience writing and executing large direct mail and email campaigns, “the offer” is the most vital. The offer is how you are presenting what it is you are selling (product or service). Although some might argue that the headline is the most important element of copywriting… Read More »#1 Copywriting Tip

What Are YOU Giving Away For FREE?

Stated another way, “How much potential business are you turning away every single day by not maximizing what value you give away?” Because you are so busy with life, family, business, social activities and learning more about Internet marketing, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the basics of using a website to help you make money. Let’s say you’ve created an Internet marketing engine to drive traffic to… Read More »What Are YOU Giving Away For FREE?

Simple Email Lead Generation Flow Chart

There are many ways to generate leads. Heck, there are many ways just to take advantage of online lead generation, which is only one component of all the channels that can be used to drive leads to your business. (Check out Ten Lead Generation Models). In the world of online marketing, incorporating email into a lead generation campaign would be considered a mature practice, since it’s been so thoroughly and… Read More »Simple Email Lead Generation Flow Chart

Outline For an Online Business

This is an outline of how to establish an online business. Although these steps are relatively simple and can be executed entirely by using free, or very low cost services, it’s the very first step that determines whether anything will happen with the rest of the steps: 1: Make a decision that you want to develop an online business and commit to some amount of time you can devote to… Read More »Outline For an Online Business

The Five Most Common Website Problems

DO ANY OF THESE APPLY TO YOUR WEBSITE? Here are five of the most common problems I encounter when analyzing websites and/or email campaigns: No Offer A website should have a clear offer. There should be something that a visitor can potentially DO: such as buy a product or service; subscribe to a newsletter; download a report; make a phone call for more information; request a consultation; add a comment;… Read More »The Five Most Common Website Problems

The Email Opt-In Controversy: Single or Double Confirmation?

I have been continuously involved with email marketing since the mid 90’s. That goes back before the term “email marketing” even existed. That even goes back to before the notion of “opt-in” email was broadly popularized by Seth Godin in his 1999 book, Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends, And Friends Into Customers. Over the years I have moderated the concept of “double opt-in” email confirmation and “single opt-in” email… Read More »The Email Opt-In Controversy: Single or Double Confirmation?

The Basics of Email Marketing

Not every single business needs an online newsletter. But the majority will  benefit from one. Having a way to update customers and potential customers is a relatively simple and low-cost way to maintain and build a relationship with a percentage of visitors who would have otherwise stopped by and then left your website, likely to never return. The majority of visitors to your website have arrived to find something, usually… Read More »The Basics of Email Marketing

What is a "Performance-Oriented" Website?

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of a performance-oriented website is what it is “not”: It’s not a website that is merely an online brochure. At the lowest level of effectiveness, a website that simply exists is arguably better than no website at all. (Having said that, a really poor website can lower the repute of your business, which, theoretically, could be worse than having no website in the first place).… Read More »What is a "Performance-Oriented" Website?

Should You Offer a Paid Online Newsletter?

newsletter,marketing,email newsletternewsletter,marketing,email newsletterA client of mine has been entertaining the concept of offering a paid newsletter. It certainly seems compelling: Write an ongoing valuable stream of content to attract more and more subscribers, which equates to more and more profit for roughly the same amount of work.
My reply was to note that this model was more popular ten years ago, although it is certainly still in existence today. However, as the earlier success of online (email) newsletters grew popular, the concept of offering them for free, as a low-cost marketing media, also garnered success. So much so, that in this day and age, free newsletters of some sort are so ubiquitous that they REALLY need to be compelling to stand out.
Regardless, that does not suggest that “you” should not consider offering one yourself. Or stated more specifically, you should offer something free in exchange for the email addresses of visitors, so that you can build a relationship with them and keep them connected to you, which will make them more amenable to paying money to you. (Read What Are YOU Giving Away For FREE? for more info).

Offering A Paid NewsletterRead More »Should You Offer a Paid Online Newsletter?

Simple Flow Chart for an Email Marketing Joint Venture Campaign

What are the sequence of steps involved in a joint venture email campaign? That’s the question I was answering when I sketched this flow chart for a client to illustrate an email joint venture that we are developing and which will be launched within a few days. In short, three email messages will be sent to the subscribers of Joint Venture Partner (A) over the course of 2 weeks. The… Read More »Simple Flow Chart for an Email Marketing Joint Venture Campaign

How to be Hated via Email In One Easy Lesson

Spam. Minimally, it’s a nuisance (albeit a never-ending one). At times when you may already be frustrated from having too much to accomplish with too little time, spam can provoke anger when you’ve discovered that you inadvertently deleted an important message among all the spam you were dumping. And too much of that can lead to hatred. Which is why you rarely see a notable or respectable brand promoted through… Read More »How to be Hated via Email In One Easy Lesson

Ten Lead Generation Models

Generating an ongoing flow of sales leads is the most fundamental component of marketing for every business that requires new sales to sustain itself and/or for established businesses that want to expand. Lead generation includes any, or a combination of, the following: ♦ Broadcast Advertising: Infomercials are a prime example here. Not only is an obvious product being sold, but that sale results in a valuable lead for additional and… Read More »Ten Lead Generation Models

Google Announces Wave

Today, Google announced Google Wave, which “is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year.” The Wave was announced at a developers conference as an open source opportunity for external (non Google) developers to start building applications for it, before it’s made available to the public. Among other things, it integrates live-share email, instant messaging, blogs and additional social networking features.

Effective Copywriting Guidelines

Effective copywriting equates to your “salespeople in print.” “Print,” in this case, may be a direct mail letter, an advertisement, an email, or web sales pages. Does your copywriting reflect experienced sales pros who will close the deal? With the advent of 21st century marketing technologies, including good old email, some businesses get lost in the means of getting a message out, as opposed to focusing on the necessity of… Read More »Effective Copywriting Guidelines

Writing Email Subject Lines

The subject line of your marketing emails are the most influential way to get your messages opened. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind while writing them: ♦ Keep your subject headlines short and sweet – pique your subscribers’ interest and hook them in! ♦ Try to limit the subject line to 50-60 characters so it is not cut-off while being viewed in a subscribers’ inbox. ♦ Offer… Read More »Writing Email Subject Lines

Forbidden. Stay Out!

THIS IS A RESTRICTED ZONE Entering your name and email below and clicking “submit” is forbidden, dangerous and would have legal repercussions. The intelligence that you would be exposed to could lead to lawsuits against your business for unfair business advantages. Furthermore, even if you successfully avoid local prosecution, you will eventually be sued by national government agencies around the world for monopolistic practices after having achieved domination in your… Read More »Forbidden. Stay Out!

Video Email: To Embed or Not?

The combined use of email and video as a marketing media is not a new thing. Bill McCloskey covers some of its history in his post, Video in Email. Of course video is a tremendous asset for anyone desiring to get a message out, but there are times when the viewer may be more inclined to receive the message and times that may not be optimum. Since video is primarily… Read More »Video Email: To Embed or Not?