Direct Mail

A Simple Online and Offline Marketing Strategy

How do “you” fulfill client proposal requests for online marketing? Especially if no budget is immediately established? My preference is to deliver a comprehensive, highly customized, written proposal and presentation, based upon market research, in conjunction with an analysis of the client’s past and current marketing. Of course this is a lot of work. And I charge for it. There are numerous advantages to this: not least is the opportunity… Read More »A Simple Online and Offline Marketing Strategy

Scientific Advertising: Testing, Testing and Testing

Yes, I’m biased about the efficacy of a direct mail background as a powerful foundation for any direct response marketing endeavors.  Having spent some years developing, executing, testing and refining direct mail campaigns, I have developed a deep respect for cost-accountable marketing precision. However, such discipline is not at all new with the advent of electronic spreadsheets and the Internet. It was well popularized by Claude Hopkins himself back in… Read More »Scientific Advertising: Testing, Testing and Testing

Ten Lead Generation Models

Generating an ongoing flow of sales leads is the most fundamental component of marketing for every business that requires new sales to sustain itself and/or for established businesses that want to expand. Lead generation includes any, or a combination of, the following: ♦ Broadcast Advertising: Infomercials are a prime example here. Not only is an obvious product being sold, but that sale results in a valuable lead for additional and… Read More »Ten Lead Generation Models