Technology Advertising: It’s the Story! (Not the Technology)

Project Re: Brief, Advertising Re-Invented, by GoogleProject Re: Brief, Advertising Re-Invented, by GoogleTo marketing and advertising types, the technology of getting a message out can be seductive. Regardless of whether it’s (particularly in the past) via direct mail, magazine ads, radio, TV commercials, etc. The “way” to accomplish that can be alluring, particularly when you have imagined, produced and executed an idea that generates impressive returns on investment. (Alternatively, it can be quite disheartening when the increase in new sales does not surpass the money and resources it took to create and get the message out).Read More »Technology Advertising: It’s the Story! (Not the Technology)

10 Powerful Ways to Target Facebook Ads You Should Know

What if you could finely tune who would see your display ads? The value of Facebook ads versus other PPC advertising platforms would need to be tested for your own products/services to determine its actual merit. But since Facebook is the current social network gorilla on our little planet, it’s worthy of consideration. An important aspect of Facebook ads to recognize right off the bat is its unique opportunity to… Read More »10 Powerful Ways to Target Facebook Ads You Should Know

4 Keys to Leveraging Press Releases

Press Releases may be viewed as holdovers from traditional media and are still relevant in the digital age. But what can be done to leverage them more effectively with modern business messaging initiatives? In short, basic Internet marketing stuff. The same key basics that are used to leverage technology to distribute your message farther than ever, with lower costs than in the past. 1) Keywords Search Engine Optimization should be… Read More »4 Keys to Leveraging Press Releases

Outline For an Online Business

This is an outline of how to establish an online business. Although these steps are relatively simple and can be executed entirely by using free, or very low cost services, it’s the very first step that determines whether anything will happen with the rest of the steps: 1: Make a decision that you want to develop an online business and commit to some amount of time you can devote to… Read More »Outline For an Online Business

Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle

Keywords are the language that computers use to understand what you and I are looking for on the Internet. They are also important for the purpose of optimizing our websites to make it easier for search engines, and more importantly, for people, to find the information and/or products on our sites. Keywords are at the center of the SEO Triangle, which illustrates the basic concepts of using search engine optimization… Read More »Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle

Link Building vs. Link Buying

Want to push your website higher in the search rankings? Once your website features a quantity of useful, unique and desirable content (as well as ongoing content development), and the technical aspects of your on-site search engine optimization efforts are established, what’s next? The majority of work will be developing inbound links. (For more info on the relationship of content, on-site factors and link building, see the video Driving Website… Read More »Link Building vs. Link Buying

What is Link Bait?

Link bait refers to a component of search engine optimization. More specifically, it’s an inherent aspect of the third part of the SEO Triangle, which is depicted in the video, Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle. The third part of the SEO Triangle has to do with establishing inbound hyperlinks, which is what linkbaiting is all about. Another way to describe link bait would be to refer to it… Read More »What is Link Bait?

What is Online Marketing?

“Online marketing” is a term that encompasses a large area of specialized technological and promotional disciplines to sell products and services via the Internet.  With more and more companies moving their advertising budgets from traditional media to online marketing, the game is increasingly becoming more and more competitive.  And for most businesses, more and more vital to their bottom line. More Than a Website Online marketing is much more than… Read More »What is Online Marketing?

Two Fundamentals of Creative Link Building

Inbound links are an important component of search engine optimization (SEO) and increasing your website’s profile on the Internet. (For more info, see the third part of the triangle in the video Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle). SEO, and particularly the process of building inbound links, is better approached via creative thinking. Once you understand the mechanics of on-page optimization, including the use of pertinent keyword title tags,… Read More »Two Fundamentals of Creative Link Building

What is a "Performance-Oriented" Website?

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of a performance-oriented website is what it is “not”: It’s not a website that is merely an online brochure. At the lowest level of effectiveness, a website that simply exists is arguably better than no website at all. (Having said that, a really poor website can lower the repute of your business, which, theoretically, could be worse than having no website in the first place).… Read More »What is a "Performance-Oriented" Website?

Increase Website Conversion by Cutting Down Text

A simple point to keep in mind in regards to selling online is encapsulated well in this statement by Tim Ash: People don’t read on the Web. Study after study has shown that less content on a landing page leads to higher conversion rates. Ruthlessly edit your text down to simple headlines and short, bulleted lists. Cut out the self-promoting marketing speak that people won’t read anyway. You can link… Read More »Increase Website Conversion by Cutting Down Text

What To Recommend When Everything is Right

Jeez. How often do you need to advise a company that is doing everything right? Yesterday I worked with a long-time friend and marketing consultant to offer advice about a client of his, who has demonstrated great success as an online marketer for his business. The business website under discussion certainly does not reflect The Five Most Common Website Problems. In fact, the opposite is the case. Not only has… Read More »What To Recommend When Everything is Right

How To Get More Readers To Your Blog

If you’re writing a blog, you want readers. And of course, the more the merrier. So, how do you get them? The simple answer revolves around the question, “How many readers do you want?” Literally “any” amount of traffic can be driven to your blog almost immediately – it just costs money. By using pay-per-click advertising, or online lead generation, or for that matter, any of the Ten Lead Generation… Read More »How To Get More Readers To Your Blog

Should You Offer a Paid Online Newsletter?

newsletter,marketing,email newsletternewsletter,marketing,email newsletterA client of mine has been entertaining the concept of offering a paid newsletter. It certainly seems compelling: Write an ongoing valuable stream of content to attract more and more subscribers, which equates to more and more profit for roughly the same amount of work.
My reply was to note that this model was more popular ten years ago, although it is certainly still in existence today. However, as the earlier success of online (email) newsletters grew popular, the concept of offering them for free, as a low-cost marketing media, also garnered success. So much so, that in this day and age, free newsletters of some sort are so ubiquitous that they REALLY need to be compelling to stand out.
Regardless, that does not suggest that “you” should not consider offering one yourself. Or stated more specifically, you should offer something free in exchange for the email addresses of visitors, so that you can build a relationship with them and keep them connected to you, which will make them more amenable to paying money to you. (Read What Are YOU Giving Away For FREE? for more info).

Offering A Paid NewsletterRead More »Should You Offer a Paid Online Newsletter?

Online Press Releases for Traffic and SEO

Traditional media is changing more right now and in the past two or three years than the last thirty years.  Most newspapers are laying off staff and some are going out of business.  Newspaper ad revenues are on a multi-year downward spiral. Regardless, traditional media is certainly not dead yet.  In fact, in spite of the ongoing implosion of newspapers and traditional media, the reality is, the big names aren’t… Read More »Online Press Releases for Traffic and SEO

SEO Basics and Case Studies

There is a lot that can be learned about search engine marketing (SEO). And although one could make a lifetime commitment to becoming immersed in all manner of developments in the game of SEO, the fundamentals of any subject, including SEO, bear often repeating. On that note, Rand Fishkin (SEOMoz) has provided a useful, albeit simple, SEO overview of several websites. A sidelight of these critiques is that the sites… Read More »SEO Basics and Case Studies

More About Keywords: How to Rank Fast!

Search marketers introduce “Keywords” as the most fundamental element of using pay-per-click advertising and/or search engine optimization to get an online message out. Indeed, keywords are at the core of the Triangle of Search Engine Optimization video. But how much can you learn and know about keywords? At first blush, it sure seems like a simple subject! On a conceptual level, keywords are simple: keywords are the terms used by… Read More »More About Keywords: How to Rank Fast!

The 7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design

In this video, Tim Ash, author of “Landing Page Optimization,” presents a webinar on the “7 Deadly Sins” of landing page design … and how to correct them. The video is over 1 hour and 15 min and presents a good amount of valuable content. Here is an overview of the webinar: 1) Unclear Call-to-Action You want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the intended… Read More »The 7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design

3 Real-World Blogging Tips for Success

I emailed this to an associate and then thought I should post it here for others.  Hub Spot posted an interview with Brian Clark – founder of Copyblogger – which is a blog about using copywriting and social media for online marketing and has over 60,000 subscribers.  I’ve excerpted a few questions and answers from the interview for you. To see the whole interview, click the link at the bottom… Read More »3 Real-World Blogging Tips for Success

What Are The Basic Website Metrics?

“Traffic” is the most common metric to evaluate for websites and blogs, but there are many other ways to measure a website’s performance. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but is applicable to the largest quantity of sites. (For example, “sales,” “gross profit” and “net profit” are not included here, but are vital for ecommerce sites). ♦ Traffic Rank is a stat via that represents a relative… Read More »What Are The Basic Website Metrics?