Broadcast Advertising

The Future of New Media vs. Old Media

Where is new media headed, in comparison to what old media has accomplished?  Especially in terms of revenue generation? Vin Crosbie at ClickZ posted his perspective, New Media Predictions, Part 1 (link below). “In almost all cases, new media’s operating revenues, when discounted for inflation, will never equal those that used to be generated by traditional media companies.” Crosbie writes about the scarcity of old media, meaning the limited places… Read More »The Future of New Media vs. Old Media

Ten Lead Generation Models

Generating an ongoing flow of sales leads is the most fundamental component of marketing for every business that requires new sales to sustain itself and/or for established businesses that want to expand. Lead generation includes any, or a combination of, the following: ♦ Broadcast Advertising: Infomercials are a prime example here. Not only is an obvious product being sold, but that sale results in a valuable lead for additional and… Read More »Ten Lead Generation Models