Two Pay-for-Performance Models

100% P4P: This is a complete pay-for-performance partnership where Skyworks covers the costs of marketing and advertising services as well as media costs (Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, radio, mail, print, TV, etc).

PARTIAL P4P: Some or all of the marketing and advertising services are provided on a P4P basis and you pay the media costs (Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, radio, mail, print, TV, etc.).



We find win-win partnerships through a brief 2-week trial.

We use real-world advertising, leads and sales data to inform an initial opportunity with your product/service.

Both sides of the potential partnership get to see actual conversion metrics, independent of optimistic projections.


Here is our P4P partner selection process:

APPLY: Request and instantly receive your P4P application. Answer the questions and email them back. CLICK HERE FOR P4P APPLICATION.

PARTIAL P4P TRIAL: For qualifying applicants, expect about 1 or 2 weeks of coordination followed by a two-week advertising trial.

P4P PARTNERSHIP: A favorable advertising trial establishes a win-win Partial P4P or 100% P4P partnership to expand your business into the future.


Our Pay-for-Performance Trial is where the rubber meets the road. We’ll find out if there’s an excellent partnership potential, a good one or no go.

A Partial P4P Partnership can grow into a 100% P4P Partnership with enough sales. The revenue needs to be win-win and support both sides of the partnership.



INITIAL EVALUATION: Your application will be evaluated by an actual human. Your industry, business and products/services will be assessed. Anticipate a response in about 3 business days.  You’ll receive either a polite decline, an acceptance, or additional info may be requested before receiving a decline or acceptance. This is somewhat analogous to a venture capital firm evaluating whether to make an investment.


CAMPAIGN CONCEPTION & CONSULTATION: If we move forward with an advertising trial, we spend about 1-2 weeks consulting, conceiving and planning ad messaging.  From start to finish, the working period is about 4 weeks.  But the actual advertising trial is about 2 weeks. We communicate with you via phone and email along with a parallel research and analysis process.  This is a scaled-down variation of our full STRATEGIC CONSULTING & PLAN service, which is $20K.


DEVELOPMENT OF TEST WEBSITE: Before we can begin running the ads, we’ll build independent landing pages for one of your products or services. Customer payments are directed through your regular processing channels. Or, in certain circumstances (such as a new biz) and if mutually agreeable, we can use our own payment channels.


MARKETING/AD SERVICES. We set up new Google and/or Facebook accounts with mutual access. We set up the lead generation and/or sales campaign. This includes campaign organization, execution, ad writing, keyword research, graphics and of course ad testing.  In brief, we create, launch and manage the advertising.


MEDIA BUYING: For the brief advertising trial period media buying is almost always pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Expect to pay about $500 to $1500 in media costs for the trial. The more competitive your market, the more data and testing required to gain meaningful insights into your conversion metrics, which determines actual media costs.

Sometimes we may include video advertising in the initial trial period. However, TV, radio, direct mail or other channels (if applicable) wouldn’t come until after the initial trial. (We reserve our full advertising services for those who become P4P partners after a successful trial period).  You’ll be paying media costs directly, such as to Google or Facebook. We’ll use a brand-new Google and/or Facebook advertising account and you will have full access to the dashboard(s) so that all media transactions are fully transparent.

Additionally, data science and artificial intelligence require a large volume of information to analyze, which means the performance improves over time: The best results occur after the trial period. Hence, we must view potential trial opportunities through the lens of how fast we conceive we’ll generate productive results for not only your business, but ours as well. 


It should be appreciated that when we decline an advertising trial, such is not an opinion about the success potential of your business.  Such a decline is merely our evaluation of the ‘short-term’ opportunity for both sides of the potential partnership. Given enough time and resources, we can make any business a marketing success.  But we need to seek partnerships that provide mutual profit quickly, not merely in the future.

In essence, the key question is “How fast can we generate enough revenue to provide profit for both our businesses?”

Stated another way, if the brief advertising trial demonstrates a profit for you but does not demonstrate enough profit on our end, the trial period won’t be able to move forward into an ongoing P4P partnership.


Of course, anyone familiar with professional marketing and advertising knows some heavy lifting occurs at the beginning of campaign development, which is why ad agencies of the past (and present) desire multi-year contracts to amortize the initial investment into the future (but not Skyworks).

Furthermore, in most cases, the brief trial period is simply not enough time to fully optimize a campaign.

Hence, what we’re seeking are unique opportunities that will demonstrate high value in a short period of time, which we can then extrapolate into significant future growth.

As productive as this trial period is, what it will not inform is how well you can handle scaling up your business.

Many business owners say, “It won’t be a problem.”

More often than not, that’s an expression of inexperience.

The reality is that scaling up beyond your experience can be more than a problem. It can be many problems. Anything weak in your business processes will break. And some of your strong points may break, too.

Insufficient personnel, customer support issues, sold-out products, shipping backlogs, and fully-maxed service offerings may seem like good problems to a business that is generating a lot of revenue.  But from our perspective, it’s a loss of our remuneration any time the expansion of your operation stalls.

Of course, none of this is going to occur during the brief trial period. But if the trial demonstrates favorable results, we still need to ascertain the risks of taking your business into uncharted territory.

Hence, the trial is our best — but imperfect guide — to a potential partnership.

The greatest imperfection is that we may not make enough money in the trial period selling your stuff to cover our costs.

In brief, what all this means is that, by necessity, we need to be selective about which businesses we can offer a trial.


If you do qualify for a P4P trial, we’ll roll out the red carpet for you. If you don’t qualify, you’ll receive a friendly note saying so. When possible, we’ll recommend other resources to support your goals. Request a P4P application to find out.


We are seeking long-term partners to provide our marketing, advertising, data science and artificial intelligence expertise, including creating all types of content and videos, for the purpose of generating new leads and sales for your business.


In return for our risk, investment and production, we are seeking P4P remuneration. It is our goal to grow your business and therefore simultaneously our compensation.


There are many variables we evaluate regarding a potential partnership. Here are a few

  • POSITIVES: We are seeking to partner with companies that provide exceptional products and services. The higher your profit margins the greater the partnership potential.
  • NEGATIVES: If you sell a commodity product or service (cameras, computers, beauty salon, lawn services, etc.), we’re not the right partner for you. Those are fine businesses, but not a fit for what we are seeking.

Lastly, you need to be easy to work with. (Because we like to think we are). This is a true marketing and advertising partnership that will evolve over time, as informed by sales metrics.


It’s worth emphasizing that we hope you fit our ideal P4P partner profile and that we can initiate a brief advertising trial.

Either way, expect a response in about 3 business days.

Click to request and instantly receive your P4P application form.