Link Building vs. Link Buying

SEO,link building,link buying,websiteWant to push your website higher in the search rankings?
Once your website features a quantity of useful, unique and desirable content (as well as ongoing content development), and the technical aspects of your on-site search engine optimization efforts are established, what’s next?
The majority of work will be developing inbound links.
(For more info on the relationship of content, on-site factors and link building, see the video Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle).

Inbound Link Development

Here are some pointers on inbound link development:

♦ Link building is a never-ending process. Of course one simple, low-cost and practical way to develop content, foster community, generate traffic and build links (over time) is Generating Free Traffic with Blogs.

♦ Developing and providing software applications and services that others want to use, for free, is a powerful way to generate links. Even so, such would still benefit from promotion to prime the pump of inbound link generation.

♦ Employing linkbait, or content that is specifically established to generate inbound links, is a creative link building strategy to deliver valuable content to a given niche, which then drives traffic and links. It’s a component of garnering publicity.

Publishing press releases via paid press release services, is not only good for getting the word out about your products or services, but it’s another fundamental way to establish links by themselves.

♦ “Buying links,” which has been more thoroughly covered in the post, Perspectives on Link Buying to Increase Search Ranking, is a questionable tactic, at best.

Inbound Link Buying

P.J. Fusco, at ClickZ, noted some of her experiences about link buying in her article titled, SEO Q&A. Here is an example she cites:

In one instance, a former client decided to start aggressively buying text links. The business quickly shot up the rankings, but then dropped abruptly when Google caught on to what it was doing. The company abandoned the tactic and eventually returned to its regular positioning…after the better part of a year. In the short term, it had what could be called success on the three terms for which they were buying links. But over the long term, it’s hard to call the tactic successful.

Here is how she sums up her perspective on link buying:

My best advice is stay legit, even if link building is a challenge and rival sites are taking shortcuts. Dollar for dollar, you can achieve higher, longer-lasting rankings by allocating your marketing money toward content generation and resource development that works well for building links within Google’s guidelines.

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