More About Keywords: How to Rank Fast!

keyword-rankingSearch marketers introduce “Keywords” as the most fundamental element of using pay-per-click advertising and/or search engine optimization to get an online message out. Indeed, keywords are at the core of the Triangle of Search Engine Optimization video. But how much can you learn and know about keywords? At first blush, it sure seems like a simple subject!
On a conceptual level, keywords are simple: keywords are the terms used by you and I to get search engines to find the information we are looking for on the Internet.
Because of that, from a search marketer’s perspective, it’s absolutely vital to ensure that online content is presented in a way to make it easy for search engines to find it.
Hence, search marketer’s can become obsessed with keywords and keyword research tools in the quest of gaining additional search engine advantage.
However, there are more factors, than just keywords, that equate to high rankings and trying to determine how long it might take to achieve that.  One of those factors has to do with how competitive the market is for any given keyword.
If you really want to rank high and rank fast, the easiest way to accomplish that is to select markets with less competition.
For example, if you target 2- or 3-word keyword phrases (maximum 4 or 5 words), which have less than 100k search volume (based on a search limited by quotation marks), it will be much easier to rank very highly and very quickly.
Furthermore, the target keyword should be easy to incorporate into sentences (for inclusion within content), and ideally the target keyword phrase would be based upon a product or a service (presuming the keyword has commercial intent).
And speaking of commercial intention, when selling a product or service, it would be useful to include pertinent “buying keywords” such as “buy,” “buying,” “order,” “ordering,” “promo,” “coupon,” “promotion,” “free shipping,” “purchase,” “sale,” etc., so that anyone searching for the phrase “Buy [keyword]” will have an opportunity to find your page.
None of this should constitute a reason to shy away from more competitive keywords and markets, just don’t expect to get to the top of those rankings overnight!

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