Conversations About Internet Marketing for Non-Techies

internet marketingA better title would be “What I learned while helping others at the TV Station.”
Yesterday I produced and presented a pair of public access cable TV programs titled, “Conversations about Internet Marketing For Non-Techies.” The first show was an introduction to Internet Marketing and the second show was focused on “Why Blogging.” These will be broadcast in the coming weeks and will probably be available through this website.
Although I was pleased with the supportive feedback from the participants and production crew, it was as helpful to myself recognizing the benefits of presenting the very basics of Internet marketing to an interested audience, as opposed to the more routine activity of researching, analyzing, testing, communicating and actually applying various technologies amongst techno peers. It’s as if the day-to-day pursuit of leveraging more specific and/or specialized tactics and strategies on the subject seems to remove one from the foundation upon which an entire body of knowledge is built.
The difference between ascertaining the relative merits of lesser known search engine optimization tactics or reverse PPC strategies, is remarkably different than presenting the benefits of using an RSS enabled blog as a tool for generating more traffic to folks who haven’t yet had the opportunity to take advantage of that. It’s quite refreshing to gain a new viewpoint on fundamental technology that is generally taken for granted among a smaller percentage of the general population and not universally appreciated by others.
Really, the incremental benefits of presenting the use of blogs to individuals who may not yet be taking advantage of that, creates an opportunity to effect lives in a more remarkable way than boosting the performance of a very robust traffic-generating system another 3%.
Although the actual presentation required more work than I had initially envisioned, a chunk of the thought process was translating the topic into non-technical lingo. Hence, an unanticipated benefit was gaining a greater appreciation for the simplicities of the subject.
Many thanks to the participants for their great questions and contributions on how businesses can apply this stuff: Jerry Keane, Lance Miller, Louise Meyer and Craig Shields (pictured left to right), with myself the odd man standing (I lost the musical chairs competition).
Special thanks to the production staff and particularly to Set Designer, Petrina Sharp and Videographer, Ed Knighton.


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