Harry Potter and Search Engine Optimization

SEO,search engine optimization,internet marketing,online marketingIf Harry Potter and crew were not so busy dealing with their studies and adventures at Hogwarts school, they would all be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wizards.
SEO is an Internet marketing discipline that uses copywriting, coding and other activities to make websites more friendly to search engines, which results in better rankings on the search results pages for your website.
Additionally, a broader SEO focus includes interaction with other related websites, for the purpose of generating links. Links can be helpful for search engines since a number of links pointing to a particular website verify that site’s relevance, at least from the search engine’s rankings.
Links, and the use of certain words and phrases, comprise somewhat of an Internet popularity contest for the search engines.
For example, if your real name happened to be “Harry Potter,” you would have a difficult time getting the search engines to respect that you, a real “Harry Porter,” are more relevant than the fictional Harry Porter of books and movie fame. (“More relevant” in this case means having your name appear higher in the search rankings).
The fictional Harry Potter has made such an impact on our world that the “popularity” of that name would be remarkably difficult to compete against.
Search engine optimization is somewhat of an art and science, since the search engines maintain secrecy about the exact calculations that are used to rank pages.
And to make things more interesting, the calculations and rules the search engines use are subject to change.
Hence, some folks refer to the practice of SEO to be somewhat akin to wizardry.
Regardless, there are established industry best practices as well as ongoing research and testing by SEO consultants for the purpose of delivering the best results possible for their clients.
My own research over the past several years has confirmed that SEO is a worthy endeavor for establishing more website visitors, although it is a bit more involved than waving a wand and saying the right words, so it isn’t offered at Hogwarth until the final year.
For more information, check out this training video on using SEO to drive more traffic to your website.

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