How To Get Freelance Work

freelance workTraditional personal networking (face-to-face and over-the-phone) is a classic method for gaining more freelance work, as well as generating referrals from existing clients. As an offshoot of this, utilizing social media as part of a social media strategy (integrating a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), to generate more awareness for your services is a way to leverage your networking online.
Setting up a website and optimizing it (SEO) for relevant search terms, and especially incorporating local search, if your service caters to local clients, would be another obvious way.
Establishing local pay-per-click campaigns to drive leads to your website would be an application of paid online advertising.
In fact, there are many lead generation models to be considered for a variety of ways to cultivate leads for your freelance service.

Online Freelance Boards

Finally, there are online freelance job boards.

♦ The good news is that such services do facilitate ample connections between freelancers and paid clients.

♦ The bad news is that they have a reputation for including freelancers from countries who work for less than minimum wage.

Overseas outsourcing is a viable alternative for businesses looking to hire various freelance services: but they aren’t the right fit for every business need.
Problems with communication, timely delivery and lack of a real understanding for specific industries has inspired companies to seek U.S., or at least English-speaking, freelance support.
Regardless, using freelance job boards can be approached as an experiment. Put your toes in the water and check the temperature before considering these job boards as a primary media for getting the word out about your services.
Here are a few online freelance job boards to consider:

♦ can also be tested out as a source for generating local leads for your services.
Underlying every method noted here is the concept of getting your name and business out to the world, your industry, and your community in as many ways possible.

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