What is Geo Targeting?

Geo TargetingWith Internet marketing, geo targeting is the delivery of different content to website visitors based upon his or her location, such as country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code. Relative to Television, geo targeting is displaying TV ads only in certain geographical zones, such as a zip code, a city a county or a region of a company.
A typical example is observed when visiting certain international websites that require the visitor to self-select their country, so that the information may be delivered in the language of the visitor.
However, more sophisticated Geo Targeting utilizes various technologies to determine the location of the visitor and automatically deliver content relevant to their geographical location.
A typical example of this is the display of pay-per-click and other online advertisements that are targeted to certain countries, regions, states, cities, or zip codes and only visible to searchers in those areas.
Geo Targeting has special relevance for local businesses.  For example, a pizza restaurant, plumber, or any kind of local service, that wants to target the audience of their local area. As such, Geo Targeting is a component of local search engine optimization, to facilitate the connection of local businesses and local searchers.

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