Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

SEO,toolsTake advantage of these free (and paid) Search Engine Optimization tools to analyze and improve your website’s search performance.

How Does Your Website Rank?

The following tools will help you determine where your web site ranks in Google’s search results for a given keyword phrase.
FireFox Rank Checker: Download and install this Free Search Engine Ranking Checking Tool for Firefox, by Aaron Wall
Advanced Web Ranking: A paid service ($199/year),which tracks keyword rankings over time.

Keyword Research Tools

Keywords form the very bedrock of Internet marketing.  The more you know about the keywords related to your products and/or services, the more you can use them to rank higher in the search engines and/or use them more effectively with Pay-Per-Click campaigns.
Google’s Keyword Tool is a basic and useful tool to get new keyword ideas. Enter a keyword and it will show a list of related keywords as well as an approximate amount of searches for that term in the past month, and an average monthly search for that keyword over the past year.
♦ The Trellian Free Search Term Suggestion Tool is a useful tool for keyword research, which is an introduction to their paid service.
♦ Wordtracker’s Free Keyword Suggestion Tool is another very useful tool, which is also an introduction to their paid service.
♦ Aaron Wall, of SEO Book, provides a free “Coolest Keyword Research Tool” which uses Wordtracker and then adds a whole bunch of other useful info.
Google Trends is a free tool that lets you see longer-term trends for the keywords you enter.
♦ Google also has a free Search-Based Keyword Tool that looks at your existing web page’s keywords and cross references that data with search volume numbers to show you relevant keywords that you are not already using, good for expanding that page or creating similar pages on your site.
♦ Microsoft has a free online tool for Detecting Commercial Intention for keywords, which offers insights into the probability that a keyword will result in a sale.
Quintura is a “Visual Search Engine” tool that helps you recognize related keywords. These are not just synonyms, but words that are associated with whatever you type in to the search field. You might be surprised at what comes up.

Tools for Traffic Analytics

♦ Click the following link for a list and description of Tools for Traffic Analytics.  These free and paid tools are for competitive research, and/or determining a sites relevance.  Further, if you are considering selling a website, you’ll want to know how independent services are measuring your site’s traffic.
♦ Split test landing pages to determine which will generate the most sales: Google Website Optimizer
♦ (Paid Resource) View visual resources, such as heat maps, to see where your users are clicking:
♦ (Paid Resource) Movies and heat maps of visitor behavior, as well as link analytics and form analytics, all to better optimize landing page performance:

Website Research Tools

♦ Enter a website url, IP address, Google Adsense or Google Analytics code and find out what resources belong to the same owner:
♦ See your website like a Search Engine sees it:
♦ Shows remarks on how to boost your website’s visibility: Spider Simulator
♦ Domain name search tool:
♦ Check for broken links:
♦ Website performance analysis overview:
♦ Local search marketing resource:
♦ Split-Testing Analysis:

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