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Free Internet MarketingThese 8 FREE SERVICES  provide a wealth of value that you can put into action to rocket your business right now.

Each of these is about leveraging 21st century marketing technologies, to expand YOUR business, while saving you money. (Avoid #8!)

Freebie #1:

marketing-phoneWant to get to the essence of what’s going to benefit you the most? Want to know it now? Then take advantage of my free, no obligation, 30-minute phone consultation about using 21st century marketing technology to expand your business. Just click Contact GA to call me – or email me your number to call you.

Freebie #2:

email-marketingPerhaps you’re too busy to take advantage of Freebie #1 right at this instant, but you want to put your toe in the water to test the temperature, well then, you should take advantage my free, no obligation, EMAIL ANSWER to a marketing question you might have about your business. Just click Contact GA and ask away.

Freebie #3:

Click for Pay-For-performance Marketing ReportClick the red arrow to get the details about Pay-Per-Performance marketing consulting services. Find out for yourself if your business will qualify by downloading the free report “Questions and Answers for Establishing a Pay-per-Performance (PFP) Business Expansion Partnership with SkyworksMarketing.”

Freebie #4:

The 7 Orbits of Internet Marketing

The 7 Orbits of Internet Marketing

If you haven’t already subscribed to my free email training course, “The 7 Orbits of Internet Marketing,” you should do that right now!

Starting immediately, I’ll take you through the BASICS of internet marketing by sending you one email lesson every 4 days for the next 28 days.

In one month, you’ll know the answer to these questions:

♦ What is the single MOST basic concept about internet marketing? (This is more basic than even having a product or service.)

What are the two most fundamental ways to drive traffic to your website?

♦ What’s worse than having a website that no one visits?

♦ What is more important than turning visitors into customers?

Just enter your name and email below and click SUBMIT! You’ll be on your way to expanding your business with the basics of internet marketing starting right now.


Freebie #5:

Skyworks Marketing RSSClick the little blue guy to review ALL my free stuff as it’s published. The little blue guy is calling for your RSS reader (define), to subscribe to my Blog RSS (define).  That’s where the MOST amount of free info will be available and you’ll benefit from my years in the trenches of the business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing technology worlds. Unfortunately, you may also be subject to occasional quirkiness and eccentricities and who-knows-what …. (You can still benefit from the same goodies and oddities, without RSS, by just visiting this website each day and clicking “BLOG” at the top.)

Freebie #6:

Rocket Blog Click the rocket to read A STORY OF TWO BLOGS, AND HOW YOUR LIFE WAS CHANGED ON DECEMBER 11, 2008. The story is rated “G” for general audiences, but it does include otherwise friendly people with sharp sticks, chocolate and beer, in addition to mean and nasty monsters. Starring WordPress.

Freebie #7:

Free SEO ToolsClick the wrench to take advantage of these free (and paid) Search Engine Optimization (define) tools to analyze and improve your website’s search performance.

Included are search ranking tools, keyword tools and website performance measuring tools.

Freebie #8:

StopDo NOT click the Stop Sign! Forbidden. Stay Out! Do Not Enter. Do Not Look. Strictly Limited. Keep Out. Confidential. Authorized Personnel Only. Go Away.

Beware!  This is a Restricted Zone.