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Marketing Questions

How Can My Website Get More Visitors?

Jeez! You know how to cut to the chase! There are MANY ways to get more web visitors. But they all boil down to either:

The question should really be, “Which are the best ways for MY business to get more traffic?” We need to discuss your circumstances before I can give you a relevant answer.

Should My Business Use Video for Marketing?

Video offers some practical opportunities in terms of expanding your business. A considerable amount of information can be conveyed more effectively on video, which all by itself, can be translated into more leads and sales. Furthermore, your videos can benefit from favorable search rankings, which means a greater exposure of your marketing message. In short, video is a very powerful media and, used effectively, should be part of any marketing mix.

How Can I Turn More Visitors Into Clients Or Customers?

Although this would require a conversation to determine your particular situation, generally speaking, it is possible that you are concentrating on the very end of the process of converting visitors into customers. Unless you have an inexpensive, impulse product, the steps to convert visitors to buyers starts much earlier on the chain of events, and the earlier points are often the most neglected.

How Come My Email Marketing Isn’t As Effective As It Used To Be? Is Email Still Relevant?

Email is very much an important part of a marketing mix! However, if you are still using email like many businesses were in the 20th century (shouting at email subscribers to buy from you), your email should be less effective. You need to build a relationship with your email subscribers and engage them with valuable information that truly helps them and not just bombard them with “Buy Now” messages. You want your subscribers to look forward to your emails. They will not only be more interested in your products/services, but by building a relationship, they will be more inclined to WANT to buy from you.

I Tried PPC Not Too Long Ago And Lost Money. What Did I Do Wrong?

You could have started a Pay per Click (PPC) campaign as late as 2003-2004 without knowing what you were doing and made money with it right from the start. Nowadays, it is much more likely that you will lose money in the beginning.

In fact, Google will charge you MORE money for clicks until you PROVE that you know what you’re doing with the traffic they send you.

It may sound somewhat counter-intuitive as a business model, but there is a business reason Google does this, which boils down to Google maximizing their own profits. The point is, using PPC advertising successfully is more sophisticated than it used to be and money may be lost before profits are realized. And by the way, there are businesses where one wouldn’t even expect to generate profitable sales via PPC. Having said that, PPC “can” be used successfully in most industries to test marketing titles, offers, etc. Consider small amounts of PPC like inexpensive and short-term market surveys and research.

What’s The Difference Between SEO and PPC?

Search Engine Optimization involves strategies and tactics to create and grow organic, natural traffic (including social media).

Pay Per Click involves buying traffic.

Stated another way, SEO is like investing in and building a house, whereby everything you invest builds up as an asset, in the same way that equity builds up in your home (the stream of natural traffic continues to build into a bigger and bigger asset).

PPC is like renting a home – once you stop paying, you lose the traffic, and you’ll never have a true asset, because natural traffic is an important part of a website’s inherent value.

In an ideal world, you would take advantage of both.

Look, I just need LEADS! How will all this stuff help me?

Strategic lead generation is an exercise in juggling quantity and quality and speed. (Of course, like everything else here, cost is an underlying factor, as well).

If you need as many leads as fast as possible, buying traffic is the best way to accomplish that.

A paid traffic program can be tuned to generate the extremes of either the highest quantity of leads or the highest quality of leads. However, most requirements will fall somewhere in between.

Internet Marketing And Traditional Marketing Is Changing Too Fast. What’s Going On?

More has changed in the marketing, communications, advertising and public relations world in the past few years than in the entire history of all these disciplines combined.

Let me say that another way: More than at any other point in history, we are in the midst of a global technological shift that is radically altering the way traditional marketing, advertising, public relations and communications are being conducted.

Not everyone likes change. Just ask anyone whose career is tied to newspapers, TV or radio. Heck, just ask any of the marketers and advertisers who have been doing things the same way for their entire careers.

We are amidst truly historical changes and they also represent unprecedented opportunities for those that seek to embrace what the changes have to offer.

But even if you turn your head away because you are too busy, these changes will effect you, if for no other reason than your competitors will be embracing them very soon (if they haven’t done so already).

In short, the technological communications revolution that we are surrounded by is the best opportunity for expanding your business that has ever occurred. Take advantage of it now. (Let’s talk!)

Should I Move All Of My Marketing Budget Over To The Internet?


Although the biggest marketing and advertising budgets are moving resources from traditional media to the internet in a tidal wave that is toppling the status quo like never before, the reality is that a well designed marketing program would integrate what is continuing to work for you in the present, along with newer and even lower-cost strategies. Such a program would be based upon your unique business situation and needs. Traditional media is not dead (although some have announced that it is inevitable). Personally, I don’t envision traditional media going away anytime soon, even though the landscape is changing very rapidly.

Marketing channels such as direct mail, radio, TV, conferences, seminars, and events still have an important position in your business, and the right mix of traditional and new marketing media will launch your business into orbit the fastest and/or with the least cost.

Any Other Reasons I Should Consider Hiring You?

Hmmmmm…Because you are very smart and know when to take advantage a good thing!? 🙂

I could add that in addition to a unique marketing savvy, specific marketing tools, and proven marketing experience, I also bring a practical aptitude for resolving what often appears, to others, to be complex marketing problems.

Stated very simply, does the concept of an intelligent, rational and systematic marketing approach make sense to you? My “Applied Marketing Intelligence” is that. I’m proud to say it works every time — which means better marketing returns for you!

So, Are You Some Kind Of A Marketing And PR Genius?

Well, no, but per standardized IQ testing, I rank in the top 5% for males. (However, some women have argued that such would rank below the 90th percentile for females. Since I have never won an argument with a woman, I reserve comment.)

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