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online advertising,ad buyingIf you need to test a campaign and want to start with a very small budget, say a few hundred dollars, you are not the type of advertising client that publishers with lots of advertising inventory are going to cater to. And this is understandable as the profit for the publisher is too small, relative to the work load of getting everything set up and running.
It’s not unusual for online publishers to require minimum campaign expenditures of $10,000 and up.
Although PPC advertising via search engines may be pertinent for a number of budget applications (including low), the choices and options for online advertising expand considerably beyond search.
“The Definitive List of Self-Serve Online Ad Buying,” by Hollis Thomases (link below), offers a useful list of do-it-yourself ad buying services, compartmented into the following categories.
♦ Self-Serve Display Ads
♦ Self-Serve Text and Contextually Targeted Ads
♦ Self-Serve Multiple Ad Types
♦ Self-Serve Lead Generation
♦ Self-Serve Local Ads
♦ Self-Serve Social Media Ads
♦ Self-Serve Mobile Ads
♦ Self-Serve Video Ads
Also, be sure to review the comments under that post for additional resources.
Here’s the link to the article: The Definitive List of Self-Serve Online Ad Buying.

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