Content Creation and The Trust Factor

Late last night a friend asked me a question in regards to creating ongoing content for his blog, particularly in a profession that already has plenty of published information. “How do I make my thoughts unique and something new which has not already been done?”
That’s a good question.
And it’s a question that may apply to others. How about you?

  • Part of the answer certainly includes knowing your subject well, but that may not be enough, since there are likely many others that know the same subject just as well, and perhaps know the subject even better.
  • Publishing new research on the subject could provide an important contribution to one’s industry, if you’re in a position to provide that.
  • Simply commenting on current trends and topics is a popular way to create content.

However, the most valuable thing you have to offer is the one thing that nobody else has: No one else has your viewpoint, your humor, and your personality, which includes the way you present things.
The way you communicate, the way you connect to people, the way you provide examples, or your analogies, or in whatever ways you can help others to understand things that they are looking to resolve: these things are uniquely you.
Just presenting information in a more easily understood form, or in a way that is more real to a reader, can make connections that establish trust.
A trust factor is established simply by helping people. If you happen to be the one that helped someone at the right time, with the right information, communicated in the right way, it doesn’t matter if you are the most knowledgeable or not. You established trust, and your voice matters.
So, rather than focus on all the stuff that is already out there, just focus on the value you can bring to the conversation.
How can you help others?

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  1. Hello George,
    Thank you for answering this questions about content for a Blog. You really make things very easy to understand. Because of my lack of knowledge and being the King of non-tech I wrongly thought that I could never really understand the subject of internet marking esp. with all of it’s changes and new developments. In the way you prresent this information I have a new found understand and a reach for my own blog and website.

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