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Contact Skyworks Marketing Hey, you already know you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

The truth is we’d LOVE to hear from you and you are welcome to call. However, the reality is that we spend a lot of time communicating with clients. So, if you are not already an existing partner, your best approach (and the most likely way you’ll get a response), is to write a short and friendly email introducing yourself and your company. Then we can arrange a phone meeting at a convenient time for you to discuss your business.

Craft your message in such a way that you might write to a potential Venture Capital investor – although it certainly doesn’t need to be formal. The point is, if we were to become a Pay For Performance marketing and advertising partner, we may be investing thousands of dollars in services towards the expansion of your business.

Even if you already know your business does not qualify for a Pay For Performance Partnership and you wish to retain marketing, advertising, video and TV services through traditional payments, you still owe it to yourself to make a good first impression.  Stated another way, even though we are interested in attracting new clients, we also decline to work with quite a number of folks who reach out to us. (In other words, please don’t take it personal if we don’t see an ideal fit with your company).

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