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NonProfit Fire Social Betterment Marketing (90sec) provides Social Betterment Marketing services to support nonprofit organizations by raising awareness, recruiting volunteers and increasing donations. A highlight of these services is the management of $10,000 per month in FREE Google Adwords Grants. This ongoing free advertising budget

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David Ogilvy’s “Secret Weapon” of Advertising

In 1962, Time magazine called David Ogilvy “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry.” In this 7-minute “We Sell or Else” video, Ogilvy discusses his “Secret Weapon” of Advertising.” “Ladies and Gentlemen, I envy you. For forty years, I’ve

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Keywords: Keys to Internet Marketing

   KEYWORDS are the language that computers use to understand what you and I are searching for. Keyword phrases are the currency of the Internet. This is a very rudimentary video about the foundation of Internet marketing. Search engine optimization,

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Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle

Keywords are the language that computers use to understand what you and I are looking for on the Internet. They are also important for the purpose of optimizing our websites to make it easier for search engines, and more importantly,

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“Testing” Your Way To Internet Marketing Success

What is Direct Response Testing? (3 minute video) Advertising performance testing is the ongoing comparison and refinement of marketing elements and campaigns to maximize the impact of copywriting, sales offers and marketing messages to optimize the return on investment of

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How To Start And Grow A Tech Company

Mint CEO, Aaron Patzer, gave a presentation on building startups from the ground up. He started with an idea about handling personal finances more efficiently. He turned the idea into a company and built it from the ground up and

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The Four Fundamentals of Database Marketing

    The subject of databases and database marketing usually does not inspire most people’s imagination, in the same way as say, finding long-lost buried treasure. However, effective use of business databases is analogous to finding buried treasure – it’s

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