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4 Keys to Leveraging Press Releases

Press Releases may be viewed as holdovers from traditional media and are still relevant in the digital age. But what can be done to leverage them more effectively with modern business messaging initiatives? In short, basic Internet marketing stuff. The

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Keyword Tool: Detecting Commercial Intention

Since keywords are so fundamental to Internet marketing, an online marketer is required to determine which keywords are the most relevant to one’s products or services. However, such research often results in a long list of related keywords. If you

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Example of Keyword Research and Site Structure

There’s much written about keyword research on the web and on this site. And yet, because keyword research and the application of keywords represent the bedrock of pay per click advertising and search engine optimization, it behooves any search marketer

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How Well Do You Know Your Keywords?

Although keywords are fundamental to a successful website that takes advantage of natural search engine traffic, it’s easy to overlook the value and scope of their importance. I say “easy” because it’s not unusual to consider that one knows the

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More About Keywords: How to Rank Fast!

Search marketers introduce “Keywords” as the most fundamental element of using pay-per-click advertising and/or search engine optimization to get an online message out. Indeed, keywords are at the core of the Triangle of Search Engine Optimization video. But how much

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Market Research vs. Keyword Research

How much market research do you engage in? Researching and discovering what people need and want and/or the terms they use to talk about or describe your products or services help determine how to market your product/service. Traditionally, a business

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The Merits of Keyword Density (or Not)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be much easier. Prior to November of 2003 (when Google made an important change to their search engine), a workable solution to getting higher rankings was to add more keywords to your pages, even

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