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Split-Testing Email Campaigns

Testing. Testing. Testing. That’s the path to marketing success. This is not a new concept, it’s been around since becoming popularized by Claude Hopkins back in his 1923 book, SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING. Split testing or A/B testing are terms that describe

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Email Marketing Naïveté

Even in this day and age, there are business owners who consider that because email is inexpensive and easy to send, that there’s not much to know about it. Of course, given that most of their attention is on running

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The Email Opt-In Controversy: Single or Double Confirmation?

I have been continuously involved with email marketing since the mid 90’s. That goes back before the term “email marketing” even existed. That even goes back to before the notion of “opt-in” email was broadly popularized by Seth Godin in

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The Basics of Email Marketing

Not every single business needs an online newsletter. But the majority will  benefit from one. Having a way to update customers and potential customers is a relatively simple and low-cost way to maintain and build a relationship with a percentage

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Should You Offer a Paid Online Newsletter?

A client of mine has been entertaining the concept of offering a paid newsletter. It certainly seems compelling: Write an ongoing valuable stream of content to attract more and more subscribers, which equates to more and more profit for roughly

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Simple Flow Chart for an Email Marketing Joint Venture Campaign

What are the sequence of steps involved in a joint venture email campaign? That’s the question I was answering when I sketched this flow chart for a client to illustrate an email joint venture that we are developing and which

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How to be Hated via Email In One Easy Lesson

Spam. Minimally, it’s a nuisance (albeit a never-ending one). At times when you may already be frustrated from having too much to accomplish with too little time, spam can provoke anger when you’ve discovered that you inadvertently deleted an important

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