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Direct Response Copywriting Formula

How many times have you purchased something from TV, or via postal mail, email, a magazine ad, or a website? Any time you’ve made such a purchase – especially via TV – you may have passed through the following copywriting

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#1 Copywriting Tip

There are many important elements and guidelines for effective copywriting. And there are different viewpoints on which would be the most important. In my experience writing and executing large direct mail and email campaigns, “the offer” is the most vital.

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Effective Copywriting Guidelines

Effective copywriting equates to your “salespeople in print.” “Print,” in this case, may be a direct mail letter, an advertisement, an email, or web sales pages. Does your copywriting reflect experienced sales pros who will close the deal? With the

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Writing Email Subject Lines

The subject line of your marketing emails are the most influential way to get your messages opened. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind while writing them: ♦ Keep your subject headlines short and sweet – pique your

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