A Story of Two Blogs

A Story of Two Blogs

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The story is rated “G” for general audiences, but it does include otherwise friendly people with sharp sticks, chocolate and beer, in addition to mean and nasty monsters.

3 thoughts on “A Story of Two Blogs”

  1. Howdy GA!
    I just finished reading “A STORY OF TWO BLOGS, AND HOW YOUR LIFE WAS CHANGED ON DECEMBER 11, 2008” and totally loved it. It explained many things that I have been wanting to learn.
    I’m a professional musician and private instructor wanting to be more in control of my online marketing and Internet communication channels.
    I have a number of websites and have always wanted to learn how to successfully link them all together to simplify my online work. I spend time playing, teaching and composing and have been wanting a Internet Marketing Guru to guide me along this path as I haven’t wanted to spend lot’s of time weeding my way through the volumes of data about this area.
    I found this article both enlightening and relieving, in that YOU ARE THE MAN! By reading this piece, along with your “7 Rudiments of Internet marketing,” I feel like I’m finally on the road to accomplishing my goal of understanding what the heck is going on!!
    I’m ready to start increasing my online activity with the certainty of efficiency in today’s world.
    Thanks for being there!!
    Marty B.

  2. A Tale of Two Blogs was a good balance between humor, technology, simplication and plain old help. As the methods of marketing on the internet multiply and diversify, there is a greater need for someone with focus to take my product and tailor the marketing for me–while taking advantage of rocketride marketing that anybody could use. George seems like he’s the man for the job. He knows a lot, but can listen and simplify.

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