3 Steps To Online Marketing Success

marketingThe concept of online marketing success is easy. Now only if it were just as easy to achieve! The achievement of online marketing success is realized through continual refinement (testing): That’s what the real game of Internet marketing is all about.
There are myriad ways to establish the following Three Steps To Online Marketing Success. And the likelihood of achieving them all at once is low. (Each step needs to be continuously refined).
Achieving the success you desire with these three points will require some effort and especially testing, testing and more testing to refine what will work best for your products and services in relation to the market you serve. So let’s take a quick look at these three points which are factors of direct response marketing:

1) A Frontend Offer That Converts

Frontend marketing refers to promotional efforts focused on acquiring new customers, as opposed to backend marketing, which is focused on selling to existing customers.
The most important part of turning visitors into new customers is a good OFFER. The better your offer, the more sales you’ll get.
An offer is simply what you are presenting for sale.
However, the WAY YOU PRESENT the sale is where the power and effectiveness of a good offer is realized.
A vital component of frontend marketing is an offer that inspires visitors to purchase, which is a reflection of good copywriting.
Furthermore, a good offer includes an explicit (and often repetitive) call-to-action (“Buy Now”).
It may seem too obvious to state, but it would be fatal to overlook: a good offer must include a way to purchase, which can include a toll free number, web page, mail order form and/or email. In short, there’s got to be an easy way for a potential buyer to make a purchase once they’ve made that “Buy Now” decision.
If you are doing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, a landing page is where the offer would be presented. (A landing page is where visitors are directed when they click on a PPC ad).
For more info, check out this link on Effective Copywriting Guidelines as well as this link on The Five Most Common Website Problems.

2) An Effective Backend Marketing System

Backend marketing refers to generating sales of additional products and services from your existing customer lists. Backend marketing is extremely important for your long-term business growth and for the overall success of your sales and marketing ventures.
Backend marketing is less expensive than frontend marketing since the largest expense relating to new customer acquisition has already been incurred.
Another important benefit of backend marketing is that response rates and sales conversions will typically be higher because your customers already know, respect and trust you, since they have already purchased from you.
Despite the benefits of backend marketing (low cost, higher sales conversions, higher profits, etc.), it’s the most ignored form of business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing strategies.
An integral component of backend marketing involves managing your customer database (database marketing) to better provide existing customers with the types of products and services that they have already indicated they are interested in, via their earlier purchase decisions, surveys, or other information requests.

3) Qualified Traffic!

Once you’ve got a product or service to sell and you have established an effective offer (with good copywriting), which turns visitors into customers (frontend marketing), and once you have a backend marketing program to sell more products and services to your existing customers, all you need is more traffic. And not just any traffic. You want QUALIFIED traffic.
Qualified traffic refers to visitors to your website who actually have an interest in what you are selling and have the capacity to make a purchase. If you sell pizza in NY, having visitors to your website from California doesn’t do much good for your bottomline. If you sell high-end jewelry and you have visitors who have very little discretionary income and cannot afford your products, that type of traffic is not going to result in sales.
Generating qualified traffic can be broken down into two broad methods:

A) Buying traffic through advertisements (especially PPC) or

B) Acquiring traffic naturally, primarily through search engine optimization (SEO)
and social media.
Ideally, you would use components of both these broad methods, since PPC drives traffic immediately and SEO establishes low-cost traffic via search engines, but is not as immediate.
Having said that, since creating traffic revolves around establishing prospects, or leads, for your frontend (and then backend) marketing efforts, it would be useful to look at more specific methods. Hence, check out this link on Ten Lead Generation Models for more details.
Finally, one additional point should be emphasized, since it underlies all three steps: KEYWORDS. For more info, review this link on More About Keywords: How to Rank Fast!
So, although these 3 Steps To Online Marketing Success involve a number of related actions, the three steps comprise important reference points upon which your entire marketing efforts can be oriented.

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